Even if you've got a Job that Sucks, No Money, No Product, No List, No Traffic and No Special Skills or Education...You Can Still Generate Autopilot Income Online!

“Make Your First $1,000 Online Faster and Easier Than You Ever Dreamed Possible...!”

You Are About To Discover The 'Autopilot Income Machines' Secret To Automating Your Income With Very Little Hard Work...And See Results FAST!

'Autopilot Income Machines' is by far...


A thousand times faster and more permanent than regular SEO (search engine optimization)


Completely obliterates affiliate marketing the old way.


Totally crushes paying PPC (pay per click) advertising to get traffic to your website.


And you don’t have to spend a dime on acquiring and cultivating co-registration names, list building or any of that other expensive BS that other people feed you.

The best part is...


You DON'T need an email list.


You DON'T need  a product.


You DON'T need a lot of money.


You DON'T need a website.


You DON'T need any special skills.


You DON'T need a formal business.


You DON'T a lot of time.


You DON'T need any special software.


You DON'T have to use Pay Per Click.


You DON'T have to depend on Adsense.


You DON'T need to stock inventory.


You DON'T need to give customer support.


You DON'T need to sell stuff on auction sites.

It's official! 

The winds of change are sweeping across the world.

Fact is, you no longer have to slave over your computer -- spending all your hard earned money -- to make some respectable money online!

Imagine... raking in autopilot income while you sleep...simply because you spent 30-45 minutes a day applying this amazing discovery.

(No, this is NOT another one of those "How to become a super Clickbank affiliate" -- although you can use it for that!)

Just Moments From Now... You Are Going To Discover the Covert Strategies and Techniques I Use To Dominate Any Niche You Choose and Earn You A King's Ransom By Using My Little-Known and Ruthlessly-Efficient Autopilot Income Machines Program...

...All While Sitting In Front of Your Home Computer In Nothing More Than a T-shirt and Tube Socks!

What's more... Google, Yahoo and MSN will reward you with money 24/7/365.

Better yet, you can do it without spending a dime in hosting fees or advertising!

Because... If your life is like most people's then you wake-up every morning after a few hits of the snooze button, jump in the shower, get dressed, grab some breakfast IF you have time for it and drive to work or take the train or the bus. 

You probably spend at least 1 to 2 hours each and every day commuting to work.  Then 8 or 9 hours later (if you're lucky), you leave work get pushed and shoved in every different direction before you begin your commute back home again!

Is this beginning to sound familiar?

Maybe when you get home, you sign on to your home computer (if you don't have kids to take care of) and start plugging away...trying to get your stubborn internet business to make a you a few extra bucks.

In fact, I'm completely certain that you would kick the old  J-O-B to the friggin' curb if you had another way to make your money -- a way you liked -- an "easier" way.

"This Is The Answer You Have Been Looking For!"

...And there's really no hard work involved whatsoever!


All you have to do is...

Step #1

Log into your Autopilot Income Machines members area. 

Step #2 Watch the brief A.I.M. training videos.
Step #3 Apply them each day and...
Step #4 Start Making Money!

Sure, it might sound like a pipe dream.  Too easy to be true.  It might sound like I'm B-S-ing you, but the fact of the matter is, this is ...

So Simple It's Shocking!

Autopilot Income Machines is an automated way to make money with almost any kind of product OR service -- without ever owning your own website!

Yes, 100% FREE and automated money!

It's based on free methods that average people, regardless of their financial situation, can use to quietly generate income from their home computer - no Guru training necessary.

Yeah, yeah, I know how it sounds, but hear me out and listen to how this all got started.

Women  -- Here is your way to tell that pain in the butt husband or boyfriend to SHUT UP and pay attention to how YOU can make more money in your sleep than he can in week or a month at a job!

Men -- Here is your chance to tell that "Negative Nancy" to leave you alone and put her foot in her mouth about your internet business dreams and just go deposit the darn checks!

My name is Disciple.  Yes, that's my "pen name" or an alias I use on the internet, but that name is based on my past life as a 'disciple' of the art of money getting on the streets and on the internet.  I can't get into too many details here, but let's just say that these are the methods that transformed me from ordinary "Internet Joe" into a money making machine almost overnight.

Like you, I was once a desperate surfer, a "Freedom Surfer" as I like to call it.  I would surf the internet, day and night, searching for my one true calling.  For a proven way to make money that could free me from the shackles of my day job and the life of desperation it forced upon me. 

Listen, I know that not everyone has a job and I should have been happy.  Truth is, I was thankful for what I had, but I wanted something better for my wife and three children.  We were barely scraping by at the time I made this discovery... and it made me sick.

When others were wearing brand new clothes, I had to wear torn and re-stitched shirts to work.

When women were wearing the latest fashion, regardless of how cheap it was, my wife was always a few years behind on the trends... Even worse, my kids wore almost all hand-me-down clothes. 

It made me feel like crap!

I felt like a failure.

So I set a goal to learn as much as I could, as cheaply as I could, and pay for stuff only when necessary.  The way it should be. 

Yeah, I tried the mini-site thing and it did work, but I felt like a fraud selling someone else's product and I didn't even know the person.  (You won't have that problem with AIM)

Yes, I've tested these methods and they have been proven to be effective for anyone who will take the brief time required to learn and apply them.

Anyway, I choose to go by the name Disciple here because only a fool would disclose who they really are with something this powerful and unique!

So, I'm guessing that you found this website among the zillions of other websites while you were asking yourself these questions...

Is it really TRUE what they say?

Can you really make a fortune the way "they" have and do it easily?

Does their system REALLY work?

The internet's so-called experts all seem to have a magical system that can make you a million bucks or rather the usual...

Five-Figure Monthly Income FAST!

Honestly, I've seen and heard enough. 

Enough to make me sick for a thousand lifetimes.

Come on! The reality is...you gotta' make your first $1 before you can make $10,000 right?

You need money to put food on the table today.  Right?  

Fact is...

Either... Bills are piling up and your online business is just not pulling its weight -OR- you're only just getting started online and you have no idea what to do and you're finding yourself falling deeper and deeper into frustration -- Right?

Listen up...  What you need are results and you need results fast!

Trouble is, most of the ebooks, home study courses, software and all the systems and such out there are all about what worked for someone who most likely wasn't in the same position you are in right now.

You see, like I said earlier, I've spent all of my precious time and tons of money searching out and learning from the guys that I know have made big money from scratch online - and my research led me to this one amazing discovery and...

"I Can't Believe This Is Still A Secret Money Making Strategy!"

The truth of the matter is, most people do not even know this strategy exists. 

What's more, you've probably seen it done... right in front of your nose, without ever recognizing what it was, or it's power over you.  It was probably, one of my Autopilot Income Machines.  Don't take offense to it though... I'm not showing off. 

I'm no different than you or anyone else... I just see and do things differently than most.

"What I'm about to tell you is different, somewhat counterintuitive and most people don't know about it except for people like me..."

During my quest for online success, I discovered something beyond the obvious that I and very few others like me actually know about."

Autopilot Income Machines
Your Secret Method To Rapid Autopilot Income Even If You're A TOTAL Beginner With No Programming Skills, No Product, No List And No Credentials...

With this powerful & simple to apply step-by-step program you will...


Easily set up "virtual cash pumps" - for FREE -  that make you money 24/7!


Discover how to turn other people's problems into your personal fortune.  (this is a secret Fortune 500 companies use to make Billions!)


The NO Product Creation Secret You'll be able to make money in a matter of hours once you've mastered this! (No Product Necessary)


How to create content without writing a single word -- and with little or no work!  (you'll need only a little... but you don't gotta write a darn thing!)


The secret ingredients to generating 'steady, dependable and continual 'Autopilot Income' like clockwork!


How to use the 'force multiplier effect' to increase your income exponentially and automatically!


A single 'work every time' process for identifying wildly profitable niches.


The #1 Secret of creating a continuous profit loop with your increased cash flow. (most people miss this tactic but not YOU!)


Explosive profit 'launch-pads' that could literally net you a windfall overnight!  (This is not such an obvious secret... but it is such a GIGANTIC overlooked method... you'll smack yourself silly for not catching it earlier)


Why 'most people' can't make money online. (You're in for a rude shock when you discover why this fallacy is literally holding good, honest, hardworking individuals as hostages to mediocrity.)


Key 'thinking' patterns the ultra successful Internet Entrepreneurs (yes YOU) possess and how it can radically impact the way you attract internet wealth!


The DNA of a successful Internet business, and how this 'blueprint' will help you explosively escalate your earnings big time! (I swear you won't be able to recognize your bank account the next time you lay your eyes on the figures in there)


And much, MUCH more...

It's Time To Stop Spending and Start Making Money For A Change!

I realized early on... People are not dumb - they're just desperate for answers. So they spend and spend - dollar after hard earned dollar - to find just he right method or solution to make money - and we both know damned well that 99% of those magic pills to online riches don’t work. 

The strategies Internet gurus talk about that create a massive influx of cash-on-demand are not immediately usable by ‘the little guy’.

"They’ve got money, a massive list, JV partners already lined up to bombard their list with emails and friends in high places. It's no wonder they’re making a killing online."

Now if you want to make your first $1,000 fast and keep making more money online without working your fingers to the bone or working yourself into an early grave then...

Keep reading to learn more!

This Is the 'David and Goliath' Strategy for Internet Success

I'm sure you already know the biblical story of David and Goliath and how David was able to defeat the almost invincible Goliath - a monstrous killer that could literally crush David with one blow! 

Just to refresh your memory, David used a simple sling and a rock.  Yes all he did was take aim, swing his sling and sent that rock zooming right into the giant's head...crushing his skull and defeating him. 

David used his brain and the skills that he had picked up from life-experiences and outwitted the giant. 

Simple yet effective!

You see, David knew that he couldn't take on Goliath hand-to-hand or he would surely die.  So instead he did what I'm going to teach you...Goliath had no idea what had happened until it was too late. 

And you my friend will have the Goliaths in your chosen niche scratching their heads in disbelief when you take over their market.

The truth is now it's time to turn your back on all the internet marketing crap you've been fed for so long and learn the secret formula to pack a wallop and deliver the winning blow every time - David and Goliath style.

You Can Trigger An Unstoppable Flow of Cash In Only 30 Days!

Start from nothing - create a small stream of income - then transform it into a massive flow of cash-on-demand that most people - even experts... are completely green with envy of!

But just so you understand what I'm talking about here...

I'll Take You Step-By-Step Through The Process Of Creating Your Own Autopilot Income Machine... Then Show You How To Get It  Running To Make You Money FAST!

The wonderful thing about having Autopilot Income Machines on the internet is that you can do a heck of a lot in a very short period of time. 

Whether it's through your own spare time or the work of others to get things done, you're about to be dropped into the inner sanctum of internet know-how where your only escape is outrageous success.

I'm not kidding when I say that either!

I mean just imagine...in only 30 days from now you can be sitting on top of a small, but steady stream of cash that's about to turn into a raging flood of internet income that not only pays the bills but gives you the luxury and lifestyle that you always dreamt about. 

The thing is, I know EXACTLY what that feels like because I've been there too!

Who Else Wants To Make Quick Chunks of Cash The Lazy Way?

Take a look at just one of these streams of income I created from only ONE Autopilot Income Machine remember this is now LAZY money for me...


Yes - This never-before-revealed breakthrough method can propel any beginner or underdeveloped online business into becoming a serious player in almost any market within weeks before anyone catches even a hint of what you’re doing.

The Autopilot Income Machines takes you by the hand and teaches you the "day job workers methods" to rapidly creating wealth in your life AND it won't even feel like work.

Listen, I'm not telling you about some bull-crap methodology of "Do no work and still get rich"...because we both know that, that kind of thinking is a sure-fire way to go broke fast!

What’s SO Different About A.I.M.?

HA! I knew you were thinking that!

So let me ask you this...

What IF - You could take the vast knowledge and leverage of world-class internet businesses like Amazon.com, Ebay and most of the largest shopping sites out there today.  Yes, yes... Clickbank too.

THEN – You concentrated that power into a special formula...

NEXT – You filtered it and purified it through a special filtration system that left only the most critical and powerful elements ready for use and...

FINALLY – You took that purified formula and injected it into a free webpage...

What do you think would happen?

Of course, your business would be...

Spitting Out More Cash To Spend Than A Vegas Slot Machine!

Now I know that if you’re like me, you don’t have the time or patience to do ALL of the bull crap methods most people teach you out there. Besides the costs are astronomical... even though they tell you not.

* But what if *

Someone did all of the work for you and gave you the “secret formula”, stuck it in a pill and said, “Swallow!”

Would you want it? Would you want that ‘magic pill’?

I'm sure you would -  And if you say you "wouldn't" then RUSH yourself to the nearest emergency room NOW! 

Because what you'll soon discover is....

  "A Secret Time-Tested Formula" For Easily Finding and Creating Your Own Virtual Goldmines That Remain Under-the-Radar of Your Starving Competition...All While Stuff Your Wallet With The Juicy Choice Cuts of Wealth In Your Own Secret Market!  

Now, you can watch as I personally guide you and detail the Autopilot Income Machines Program in a step-by-step fashion over XX video sessions. 

These videos are so powerful and comprehensive - yet easy to do.  They teach you how to "think" but also teach you "what to DO!"

And by the way --

It AINT' What You're Thinking...

NO, this is NOT about pay-per-click campaigns… old-fashioned search engine optimization… mini-site methods… information marketing… adsense… or any of that fluff you're getting fed nowadays.

This is also not some lame attempt at viral-marketing that never gets off the ground or generates any income for you.

And you DON’T have to have money… a product… a list… joint venture partners… or friends in high places.

Now imagine... suddenly kick-starting your online income with hundreds or thousands of paying customers and never have to speak to anyone or offer any support of any kind... that means no extra work!

The only obstacle you'll soon face is your own imagination!

You're probably wondering...

What's The Damage On Your Pockets to Get Autopilot Income Machines?

Now the truth of the matter is, I can charge you an arm and a leg or more like a minimum of $497 for this program!  Oh yeah, it's THAT powerful and comprehensive. 

Personally, knowing what I know now...I would pay ten times that amount and most likely more money to have learned this formula sooner.

As a matter of fact, before I built up the nerve to take this information public I had clients who paid paid a pretty hefty chunk of change to be on those calls...BUT not you!

Hell... You're not even going to pay $97 for it!  Nope!

You see, since these videos are already recorded and you can instantly view them online and apply these strategies today... AND because I intend that A.I.M. be "for the Average Guy or Gal" - you're gonna get a HUGE discount.

Here's A Special 'Average Joe and Jane' Introductory Offer...

Okay, time for the part that separates the winners from the losers and the beggars from the choosers.

No one in their right mind who is seriously interested in living the the kind of free lifestyle that I have, can possibly forget this.  (Listen, I'm not the richest guy in the world, but I live a darned good life of freedom and luxury!)

The knock your socks off one time only special price is just $77, only $67 today.

That's it...

Mere pennies on the dollar for something worth an absolute fortune and can dramatically change your financial future forever.

Fact is...No matter who you are, where you live or how much experience you have... you're about to learn a 100% fool-proof program that guarantees to help you earn your first $1,000 online using the Autopilot Income Machines Program or you don't pay a single stinking penny.

>>> Click Here To Instantly Download Your Copy of The Autopilot Income Machines Program Now! <<<

Here's where it gets serious...

I'm not going to sit here and beg for you to decide what you should do or that this is in your best interest to act now...

Nope...quite the contrary...

You're an adult and can figure that out for yourself...so I won't insult your intelligence with needless blabber about "how good it will be for you" or the like.

You see, after making my own small fortune online using this program on my own secret markets, I'm writing to you as a true testament of the power of this program in ACTION. 

I'm not going to use a special programming script to tell you that this offer is going to expire at midnight on blah blah date, -- that isn't how I do business.

But this is a limited time offer that I will only hold for a few select people, so please order now to avoid disappointment.

Remember, these principles that have proven themselves through the test of time and even through all of the drastic changes that the internet itself has gone through and will survive through the changes that it has yet to go through.

The Bottom-Line is this... I'm living proof that this program works.  "Most" of the online gurus can teach you lots and lots of stuff that I cannot teach you.  Truth is though, if they taught stuff that worked for everyone, then everyone would be better off and they would not be rich.  (Funny to think about isn't it?)

BUT... if you want to learn how a regular schmoe like me can command most people's annual salary in a single month, then this is definitely for you.

One last thing before you grab  your copy of Autopilot Income Machines...





Oh and by the way since we both know that talk is cheap and you should put your money where your mouth is...here's my...


Now the truth of the matter is, I'm only talking about you creating your first $1,000 because that's where it all changes for most people and that's what you MUST do in order to begin on the path to creating a five figure or six figure monthly income...

YES, Disciple!...Give Me Instant Access To The Autopilot Income Machines Program Today!

I can't wait to sink my teeth into the Autopilot Income Machines Program and learn how to easily cash in on my own secret niche markets while my competition fights for table scraps... completely confused by how I'm able to command scores of sales while they struggle to make a few.

I understand that this is a stand alone program, but you are also including the valuable bonuses...



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Here's the reality... The time for you to take action and control of your future is now. I am offering a 100% money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Please, click on the button below now and make that extra effort for yourself today.

The choice is obvious and your money is guaranteed so, instead of doing the obvious "Should I, Should I Dance", step-up and take action like I did and make a serious difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones now!

There's no other time than today, for making a change in your thought patterns and in your life. 

Then again, who am I to tell you what to think...I'm just a former, gang banger who lived like a pauper... and I'm now living the internet wealth lifestyle!


All My Best To You and Yours,



P.S - Some of the techniques you'll learn are so powerful and hard hitting that they have to be kept under padlock and have been for years. Only my elite clients have gotten access to his inner vault of secrets until today. Try it out risk-free for 8 weeks for just $67* and you'll instantly discover what I mean -- this stuff is red hot!

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