Want 5% or Higher Conversion? Copywriting’s Magic Pill

April 11, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Magic PillI’ve been slacking off on this blog, I know.Thing is, I’ve also been making truckloads of money lately and I’ve been tied up. I made an interesting discovery while I was away though. Well not a discovery exactly, but a confirmation of what we all know and believe in some way.Something we are ALL guilty of.

I’m guilty and you are guilty too!

Before I started writing copy, I used to believe that if you inform and give people the highest quality and most enlightening information, they would love you and become more successful and you would sell more.

Ha! What a joke!

You see, I recently realized that not only do people have no idea what they want in some markets, but they are TEN times lazier than I used to think they were.

Now that doesn’t sound too positive and certainly not the words of a well informed consultant or copywriter right? Well, the thing about it is…when you’re selling a product I’ve come to realize that it’s not so much how great your sales letter is, but rather how “magical” it is.

Think I’m kidding?

Follow your own buying habits and see for yourself.

People tend to buy the things that fulfill the Big 4.

Quick - Easy - Love - Money

…And if you’re a politician (who I would vote for by the way) then you also want quick and easy love, even if it costs money! LOL — I’ll have to explain that one another day.

Okay back to the point. You see, we all want what’s easiest — the path of least resistance. Enter the Law of Attraction (which I actually believe in) and all the fun gadgets you see on TV Infomercials. Top that with some diet pills, some muscle building supplements and the dieting fads around. Getting the point?

But WAIT There’s More!

Think about it, what the heck is in our driveways or garages? A frickin’ car? You mean walking is not easy?

But we also buy, “How To” books and products, all kinds of pills for our skin our butts, our breasts, our penises…uhhh NO, not me…lately.

What I realized from feedback from over 7,000 customers in the last 3 months, is that, if you want a 5% conversion on your sales letter…

Sell them the Magic Pill

Sell them what they want. But don’t just stop there. If you want to keep those customers, give them what they want…but make it realistic. Most people think that giving a person what they “need” is effective, but the truth is people are LAZY and the less they have to do the less they want to do.

You see, I was selling an information product that was so comprehensive, and so detailed that people were shocked when they got it.

Can you say refunds? So what was I to do? Well, the truth is, my solution is in its final phase, but what I did do was look at why my sales letter converted so high and figured out what in the world I did right in the sales letter that was I doing wrong in the fulfillment.

As it turns out, the sales letter sold a Magic Pill of sorts, it did what it was supposed to do. It was truthful and if an experienced person read it and bought my product they would also feel the same.

So now, my product is a “magic pill” as well. The lesson I learned was simple.

If people want, Quick, Easy, Love and Money…and they want it as fast and easy as possible, then find those qualities in your product and sell that!

As long as you can deliver on your promises, sell the Magic!

Don’t Sell The Steak…Sell The Sizzle — Elmer Wheeler

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