Want 5% or Higher Conversion? Copywriting’s Magic Pill

April 11, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Magic PillI’ve been slacking off on this blog, I know.Thing is, I’ve also been making truckloads of money lately and I’ve been tied up. I made an interesting discovery while I was away though. Well not a discovery exactly, but a confirmation of what we all know and believe in some way.Something we are ALL guilty of.

I’m guilty and you are guilty too!

Before I started writing copy, I used to believe that if you inform and give people the highest quality and most enlightening information, they would love you and become more successful and you would sell more.

Ha! What a joke!

You see, I recently realized that not only do people have no idea what they want in some markets, but they are TEN times lazier than I used to think they were.

Now that doesn’t sound too positive and certainly not the words of a well informed consultant or copywriter right? Well, the thing about it is…when you’re selling a product I’ve come to realize that it’s not so much how great your sales letter is, but rather how “magical” it is.

Think I’m kidding?

Follow your own buying habits and see for yourself.

People tend to buy the things that fulfill the Big 4.

Quick - Easy - Love - Money

…And if you’re a politician (who I would vote for by the way) then you also want quick and easy love, even if it costs money! LOL — I’ll have to explain that one another day.

Okay back to the point. You see, we all want what’s easiest — the path of least resistance. Enter the Law of Attraction (which I actually believe in) and all the fun gadgets you see on TV Infomercials. Top that with some diet pills, some muscle building supplements and the dieting fads around. Getting the point?

But WAIT There’s More!

Think about it, what the heck is in our driveways or garages? A frickin’ car? You mean walking is not easy?

But we also buy, “How To” books and products, all kinds of pills for our skin our butts, our breasts, our penises…uhhh NO, not me…lately.

What I realized from feedback from over 7,000 customers in the last 3 months, is that, if you want a 5% conversion on your sales letter…

Sell them the Magic Pill

Sell them what they want. But don’t just stop there. If you want to keep those customers, give them what they want…but make it realistic. Most people think that giving a person what they “need” is effective, but the truth is people are LAZY and the less they have to do the less they want to do.

You see, I was selling an information product that was so comprehensive, and so detailed that people were shocked when they got it.

Can you say refunds? So what was I to do? Well, the truth is, my solution is in its final phase, but what I did do was look at why my sales letter converted so high and figured out what in the world I did right in the sales letter that was I doing wrong in the fulfillment.

As it turns out, the sales letter sold a Magic Pill of sorts, it did what it was supposed to do. It was truthful and if an experienced person read it and bought my product they would also feel the same.

So now, my product is a “magic pill” as well. The lesson I learned was simple.

If people want, Quick, Easy, Love and Money…and they want it as fast and easy as possible, then find those qualities in your product and sell that!

As long as you can deliver on your promises, sell the Magic!

Don’t Sell The Steak…Sell The Sizzle — Elmer Wheeler

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Copywriting Tip and How To Kick A Squirrels Ass!

January 5, 2008 | Leave a Comment

SquirrelI was at the park with my little girl two days ago. It was about 3′oclock in the afternoon when this squirrel ran up to me out of no where and started grabbing on my nuts!

YO! Wassup squirrel. If you don’t stop pulling on my nuts I’m gonna stomp your little ass with my size twelves,” I said. That obviously didn’t phase him much because, he fell to the concrete pavement laughing and rolling and pointing at me. All while he squeaked in his little squirrel talk.

I was pissed. This little tree rat was laughing at me calling me an overgrown gorilla in front of my baby girl. Who was luckily distracted at this point and didn’t see or hear my wickedness. So while he was busy cracking up, I bent my knee, cocked my leg back and gave him a swift kick in his little puffy tail.

Eeeeek…! He went flying into a tree, head first, and SPLAT…smacked into the tree on his belly…hand ans legs spread eagle. What a sight that was to see. “Whoa, I thought…Did I just murder the little rat in front of my daughter?” The heat of fear flushed my chest, face and neck. And a single bead of sweat rolled down my forehead and on to my eyebrow. I put my hand on my head and said, “Oh God what have I done?” But…luckily a minute later he peeled his fuzzy, little, aching body off the tree and shook himself conscious.

“Whew,” I thought…”that was close!”

Feeling bad about what I had done to the little guy I opened the bag of nuts, that would have been his anyway, and I let him have some.

At least that kick in the ass will teach him to mess with me again!

Anyway, with this little incident I just wanted you to read and experience what happened to you as you read it.

Were you bored? I doubt it.

More likely you were a bit taken back and even felt a weird attraction to my utter nonsense. My words were more human and less like n authority. Did it make you want to read and visualize what I was talking about?

Of course! Why? Because people online like to be both educated and entertained at the same time. This same approach has grossed me and my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars with a single email.

Of course you wouldn’t make up dumb crap, but rather tell a more realistic story. Use times, places incidents, and scenery to build the mental imagery that you want your prospects to see and feel. Write like you talk and not like you’re pitching or announcing something. People appreciate and respond to this kind of copy.

It’s VERY different from writing a sales letter but it works like magic!

This approach is EXTREMELY powerful for anyone who uses it. You’ll see more of this kind of post from me on this blog, more tips like this and more colorful language as well!

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SHOCKING — Copywriter Roasts Live Pig for New Year!

January 3, 2008 | 2 Comments

Annabellle and DaddyWARNING — This is one of those politically incorrect posts I warn my subscribers about. Some seriously bad language should be expected. If you read this carefully, you’ll also learn a copywriting secret that the most successful people in the world know!

No, I don’t eat the PIG!

Not because of religion any more, although that’s how I started not eating the pig.

Today, I’d like to talk about another PIG!

This pig is about 5 years old and has turned into an eyesore to those around it.

Son of a gun doesn’t even eat that much, but he’s grown to about 280 lbs.

Big fu#@er too! 6′0′ if he stands on his hind legs. But why would he do that, he’s always sitting on his ass in front of the computer of all things.

At least he makes truckloads of money though. Better to make money to feed those grandkids he won’t see if he continues living that way.

Alright, alright…it’s ME!

Damn, what did you expect…and they say I’m twisted! Just kiddin’. ;-P

It wasn’t always this way though. And to be honest, most people can’t tell I weigh that much.

You see, in the late 90s and into the early 2000s I was an insane physical culturist. I had the brawny physique that many a man would love to have.

Never very low on the body fat side, but still A LOT leaner than now. Stand me next to any ‘big’ bodybuilder and I often made them look like a a pipsqueak!

Yeah, those were good times. Always, catching the eye of the opposite sex, knowing she wanted some of this brown sugar. Money started finding it’s way to me, but never so much that I was as well off as I am now.

The thing was, I was content. I had my future wife who is a hot little Colombian brunette. I had a wicked business mind and I could create training programs out of thin air for almost any one of my friends.

Yeah, you could say I was an encyclopedia of training knowledge.

So much in fact that, at the end of my “evangelical” training days, I would read almost anything and everything on training, nutrition and supplementation I could get my hungry little hands on.

In any case, at that time I had put so-o-o-o-o much contradicting information into my mind that I was changing training programs more often than my clothes. No lie!

Okay…I’m lying! But I changed training styles almost every week. That’s actually true.

So as time went on, I found myself going less and less and less to the gym and finally almost NEVER! My health and physique turned from fit to shit!

Not this year!

I’ve discovered a secret supplement that lets you sit on your lard ass and eat donuts, drink soda and watch TV…all while you incinerate the fat right off your, bloated jelly-belly and ass!

This special supplement contains a recently discovered compound that seeks out fat cells like a “heat seeking missile” and then it pumps them full of a special chemical that forces the fat cells to swell and explode into tiny little lipid molecules…ready for your body to excrete them in your feces an urine. No exercise needed!

Yeah R-E-A-L-L-Y!

NO! Come on! You didn’t actually believe me did you? I don’t want to know the answer. Keep it a secret.

Seriously though, for 2008 I stick to one thing. Fat loss and thats IT!

Not fat loss -AND- building muscle like most guys ‘think’ is the way…JUST fat loss.

Of course, I’ll be strength training with my body and with weights in some fashion, but my diet and lifestyle will change.

Oh and by the way…this is NOT a resolution!

This is my GOAL. One of my only 10 goals this year. That’s it.

Come to think of it…that reminds me of something else that I overcame in order to get to where I am today.

It’s information overload and it’s run rampant on the internet.

My gosh, I personally think that it is single-handedly responsible for A LOT of self esteem issues, health issues, personal financial issues and a whole slew of other fu@#ed up shit!


Because too much information breeds negativity, insecurity that you don’t know enough
or you are personally NOT enough as a person.

I say, “screw all that!” Cut through the shit and focus on one thing at a time.

For example…

Last year, I often found myself bombarded with different copywriting strategies and I
even took advice from people who call themselves the best and then I find out
that my copywriting skills generate more sales than some of these so-called ‘experts’!

After a while I began to realize that I needed to be picky about who and where I got my knowledge from and then only focus on the elements I really felt that I needed to improve on.

That’s all.

The results? Well…I’ve made twice the money in 2007 than I made from writing direct response copy in 2006.

I also made my clients enormous amounts of sales and the resulting profits!

Anyway, back to the Pig!

Yeah so, I’m gonna roast that piggy live and give you the play by play as we progress
into 2008 and he squeals for bloody murder as he shrinks into the lion he was born to be.

My question to my you my reader is this…

WHAT will YOU focus on in 2008?

My advice…scrap those shitty resolutions and turn them into goals.

Do yourself a favor…

After you’re done reading through this blog, go to www.Dictionary.com and
look up two words.

Resolution and Goal.

When you read the definitions, you’ll find that resolution has a somewhat vague
definition with no real conclusion.

Goal on the other hand is a real SUCCESS word. All you have to do is
read through the definitions and you’ll see for yourself.

To your ultimate success in 2008 my friend…Kick ass in 2008!

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How To Activate The Golden Compass Formula For Massive Sales

December 17, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Want massive sales in a hurry?Here’s how you can do it using the ‘Golden Compass” formula…

This past weekend I went to see The Golden Compass.

The trailer looked pretty good so like most people, I blindly went in to check this flick out.

As I sat there mesmerized at the previews of all of the great fantasy movies on the horizon for next year, I quietly made plans to see them all.

Then I whispered in my wife’s ear, “Hollywood finally gets it. They’re finally getting it right.”

You see, as a freelance copywriter and entrepreneur, I discovered that “The Golden Compass” Formula is where the money is. Hollywood knew it all along, but I think Anakin, Harry and Frodo each played a little part over the last few years in kicking them in the teeth with the obvious answer.

The fact of the matter is, these fellas were all part of very in depth, ‘hypnotic,’ trance inducing stories.

They each kept us glued to the screen, anxiously anticipating the next scene wondering, “Is he doomed?”

“Will a light saber slice through his arms like a hot knife through butter?”

At the end, we were left with an unfinished thought. A reason to go back to the movies complete with an emotional attachment to the characters.

From the moment we step into the movies, the story unfolds. We become a cult. Addicts even. Willingly paying ridiculous movie prices to see more. Wanting, desiring, to quench our thirst for satisfaction. Happily losing all control as we are engulfed in the story.

Fantasy movies have at their core, what ‘everyday’ businesses desperately need. They need a powerful story. A story that gets their customers talking about them, telling their friends and family and coming back to spend more money as many times as they can.

I looked around at my local area and could easily identify many such businesses that do a great job at communicating their story. (You should do the same exercise and what you find may amaze you when applied to your business.)

The first one is an awesome cafe and lounge called Cavo here in Astoria, New York. When you step into Cavo you are visually presented with an elegant mix of ’sexually’ charged design and architecture. The food is an excellent Mediterranean mix and one of the reasons Cavo gets so much word of mouth - even from me! The service is pretty good too.

Not first-class but definitely up there for what it is. Cavo was built inside about two or three multi-family houses that were literally gutted and redesigned.

Lucky for them, they DO get the word of mouth they get because, as cruel as it sounds, their advertising leaves a lot to be desired! Their ads are standard, “look how pretty our lounge is.” Their website is designed to be “pretty” as well. There’s no interactivity and reaching them through their website is a nightmare. I love the standard “Join Our Mailing List” thing, it makes me want to click it and join their list…NO…not really.

Remember, “pretty” doesn’t mean money. Sure, sex sells, but “look at me” marketing doe not.

Outside of that though, the story Cavo tells as you walk into and experience their atmosphere and food, is definitely a compelling one and one you will talk about.

Fact is, I often recommend Cavo to others and go there as often as I can.

Stories sell your product or service on many different dimensions. With story-telling you can stimulate the minds of your customers through the modalities of audio, visual and tactile. Stories are how we pass on knowledge. Story-telling is the key into the subconscious minds of your target market. They get past their conscious defenses and persuade them to spend money with you.

“Facts and figures are forgotten. Stories are retold.” -Jeffrey Gitomer

But story-telling is not just for restaurants and stores. Web based and service based businesses can and should use stories to market their products and services.

Think about it…painting powerful images through the using the right words on your website or ad copy is the equivalent of a masterful story teller weaving a brief, but powerful story that captivates your prospect with his verbal imagery and catapults them into the emotional realm of feeling, seeing and tasting what it’s like to have that product or service.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s just say that stories are told in two different ways.

The story/stories you tell your customers and the stories your customers tell others.

Effectively communicating your story through your advertising copy, product packaging, product quality and your marketing materials - including your business’ physical appearance and customers service - is a formula for certain success.

Try to short-cut those and you’re doomed to failure!

Be consistent in your story telling and then prepare for a massive surge of sales!

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Why Use Geometry In Your Sales Copy?

November 20, 2007 | 1 Comment

What if one day - on this very blog - I went of on a rant about why you should use Omega-3 Fish Oil in your diet and how, if you don’t, you’ll surely have a life filled with misery and pain.

…And if you do, you’ll have a masculine/feminine figure, sex appeal and animal-like libido to match!

Would it make sense?

No it wouldn’t.


Because this is a damn blog about direct response copywriting and growing your business!

Now, I took it to an extreme there but that still brings us to the point of ‘congruence.’

Congruency in your copy is one of the elements that determines your ultimate outcome. Keeping your copy flowing, relevant and filled with bite sized morsels of information that your visitor will chomp down on, and want more, is the surest way to convert that visitor into a subscriber or customer.

Boring your visitor/reader into clicking away or trashing your copy with irrelevant information, is something everyone of us has done in our lifetime. Copywriter or not.

Here’s the simple solution.

Stay on point - proofread your copy - eliminate blocks of copy where your visitor can justifiably say “So what?”

I’ll get into more of the actual application of this into your sales copy in the future…

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Important Copywriting Tips - Grounding Yourself In Fundamentals

November 16, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Here’s a recorded audio of a group coaching session I did with a select group of internet marketers.

In it I discuss some of the fundamental principles of copywriting and getting your prospects to buy from you.

As I was giving this coaching session, a student and friend Mike Herberts was launching a new product based on these same principles.

Listen in on his results and the session here…

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Is Studying Copywriting Principles Necessary?

November 15, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I think this quote sums it up best…

Whatever sales message you write, learn the fundamental principles of direct response copywriting first.


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What’s Missing In The Copywriting Industry?

November 14, 2007 | Leave a Comment

No I’m not angry, just a little pissed off. I’ll calm down in a minute though.

Listen, I’m not kidding around when I say this but…

Should we just let them to fall into a precipice filled with the crap they created for their clients and then dump a 50 foot slab of granite onto their mangled frames? We could just leave them there like they do to others in need and indifferently watch as the vultures circle around, just waiting for the opportune moment when they can sink their razor sharp beaks into some human! Mmmmm…

But NO, that’s too harsh, a little twisted and quite inhumane so…Maybe we should make nice like my sweet wife always says, spare them the misery and teach them, how to gain back what they’ve lost? The most important thing of all…Trust!

You see…I discovered that, surprise, surprise…there are highly paid people out there in my industry that really don’t give a rats butt about their clients.

Recently, I was talking to a few of my clients and realized that a ‘problematic theme’ had arisen in the copywriting industry.

Not with me, but with other copywriters and even consultants.

I’ll tell you what happened in a moment - first, I have to tell you about something else.

Back in my days as a freelance business consultant I learned a few very valuable lessons that I now preach whole-heartedly to my clients.

As a consultant (I’m sure other consultants will agree), in any field, you tend to pick up the tiny intricate and intimate details of various types of businesses and business models. If you’re passionate about helping your clients, and I always am, you sometimes have to come to terms in your own mind, with the fact that you may see a very serious problem with another aspect of their business but your client is not willing to listen to you about it.

This happened to me quite a few times back in those days, and it was costing those clients major amounts of money, but there was always one thing that stood out to me like a sore thumb.

It was the business to client relationship…or rather customer service.

Now, I won’t go on a rant about customer service and how important it is today. I’ll get some facts and figures for you another day.

But that brings us to what recently happened with my clients.

In a single week, 3 of my clients said to me, each in their own words,

“Rasheed, I’m really happy about our relationship, I don’t feel alone and worried with you.”

Another client went on to say,

“Man you really know your stuff, that’s the way it should be! I’ve paid so many copywriters in the past and they write a sales letter and disappear, leaving me without a person to turn to for advice or to improve the copy.”

It struck me as odd. As I was reading these emails over the week, my only thought was “Huh?”

You see, I thought that I was no different than other direct response copywriters in that respect. I have always taken the utmost care in treating each of my clients with concern and intimacy for them and their sales conversions, while maintaining my exclusivity and the value of my time.

I thought other copywriters did the same!

So of course, I got curious and asked my clients about some of their past copywriters and although I won’t name, names here…some ‘A-list’ copywriters are extremely guilty of apathy in a BIG way.

I was humbled a bit by this recent experience because, I was under the impression that it was my compelling copy that kept them calling me with new projects. LOL

Sure, my sales copy often sells more percentage-wise than those other “well-known” copywriters, but the key difference is - I stick around longer to help improve and increase their sales conversions.

Sadly, my company alone can’t possibly (at this stage anyway) take every single project that comes my way…making everyone ecstatically happy.

So my words of advice is this…

Copywriters - take care of your clients. You don’t need to have tons of clients to make it big. You just need a small, select group of clients that know you, trust you and recommend your services to others. That’s all it takes! When your customers love you, they talk about you. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing you can get and it’s free!

Business Owners - When you find a copywriter, you most likely won’t be able to demand 100% of their time unless they’re an in-house employee. But when you are looking, look for someone whom other people have had a positive personal experience with. Trust your gut and don’t just run with the herd on your decision. You may end up paying ‘top-dollar’ for ‘no-frill’ service.

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The Stupidest Internet Business Mistake Ever

July 17, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I’m about to reveal how to correct a stupid mistake most people make - even YOU - and how you can immediately profit from it!

But first let me clear this up…

I don’t like to refer to people as stupid.

– Mostly. ;-P

But, people…human beings, truly do stupid
things sometimes.

And you know what?

They KNOW they’re doing it when they DO!

But as the saying goes, “Old habits die hard.”

Let me explain.

You see, I’ve been doing business online, in a few different markets for about 7 years.

Of those seven years, only the last 3 have been the most profitable for me.


Because I learned how to get away from poor thinking and I discovered the “truth” about writing effective sales copy!

Truth is…

People tend to bitch and moan about how hard they have it when they get online and how difficult it is to make a buck.

But, the fact of the matter is this…

These people are the same ones that refuse to learn “HOW” to write a few stinkin’ lines of effective copy!


Maybe it’s just me but did it ever occur to them that even the largest advertising companies in the ‘world’ hire copywriters for all of their campaigns?

Wonder why?

Well, it’s not all bad because at least these same people are leaving money on the table for
guys like me who will figure out that their website stinks and I can do better and make more money than them.

– Hint, Hint

My friend, I’m not going to teach you how to “write” copy today.

What I WILL do is show you haw to learn it for FREE!


And it’s right in front of your nose.

Simply go to, Clickbank and click on the link that says Marketplace.

Then look at the top 10 websites in any given category and guess what you’ll find?

Direct response sales letters selling thousands of dollars in digital products for the owner!

Read those pages and print them out.

Then as you keep reading them you’ll see that the most effective products tend to have sales copy written in simple language?

It’s just words “for crying out loud.”

Can you do the same thing?


It’s not a matter of IF you can do it too, it’s only a matter of WHEN will you take it upon yourself to buck up and spend a little more time learning this stuff.

As a matter of fact…

Here’s a top Clickbank product I ghost wrote the sales letter for…

The product is called Keyword Elite

Take a look.

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The Deadliest Mistake ANY Business Can Make…

July 3, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Forget about the internet for a second and think about your own neighborhood. If you spent a little time researching what happened to this business or the next, that somehow, suddenly, disappeared; you would find that they may have made a deadly mistake.

It’s one of the deadliest mistakes that any business can make whether they’re offline or online.

You see, the internet is a vast expanse; you have competition, no doubt about that. However, the key to success on the internet and growing a business is knowing exactly how to appeal to your customers and potential customers.

You have to prove yourself and your business beyond that of the competition placed throughout the web.

Many people believe that marketing and advertising are the only methods of doing this. It is true that both marketing and advertising are necessary for the success of any business, whether on the internet or the old brick and mortar establishment.

However, today’s consumers want more. They have a virtually endless supply of businesses to choose from but, they need help in choosing. They want to find a business that promotes the right image or rather a company whose product line communicates the right imagery in their minds eye. Customers and potential customers need to be able to identify with a business.

They want to shop with a company that reflects their ideals, feelings, and desires.

This is the key to success on the internet, or better yet, this is the key to success in any business on or offline. You have to have a story and you have to have an image that represents that story. Your story and image needs to be congruent. Advertising and marketing should simply compound on that story and image.

In simpler words storytelling.

Storytelling has long been a driving force for successful businesses everywhere. What’s great about these stories is that they work best when they come directly from the mouths of your satisfied customers. Your “customer evangelists” so to speak. You see, customers have no problems in writing you to tell you how they feel, whether good or bad.

However, you need to remember if they are writing you, they are also telling other people at the same time. Statistically speaking, if a customer is happy with your business, products, and services, they will tell at least seven people. However, if a customer is unhappy, they will tell at least fourteen, which one appeals to you more? Likely you’ll want the happy customers telling seven.

Remember, the internet now allows that seven to grow exponentially.

What’s great is that happy customers are more than willing to help your business. They will write about their experiences and most often give you permission to use them on your website (testimonials). These stories from real people will give your business the boost it needs.

People love stories, especially good ones, so why not talk to your happy customers and ask them to tell you about their experiences, share them with other potential customers. Many businesses today are using these to create new ad campaigns as well, focusing on targeted customers or situations.

When seeking stories from your satisfied and happy customers, you want to get specifics, their thoughts, their feelings, and their situations. For example, maybe a specific product that you offered helped them out of a tight spot. Maybe your sales staff or support staff went the extra mile to ensure that this customer had everything they need when pressed for time.

Stories like these from real people will be the boost you need for success in your business. Potential customers love reading real life stories. What is great for your business is if these stories have helped another customer solve a problem.

When customers are shopping on the internet, they have a problem that needs solved. Rather they need a last minute gift, a gift for that hard to buy for person, or their own personal needs, they look to your business to solve that problem.

Whether you’re a direct response copywriter or marketer, stories have ability to get past the conscious minds of your potential customers and get directly into their subconscious mind.

Believe it or not, there are Fortune 500 companies right now, who are spending tens of millions of dollars in research to learn exactly how to better tap into our subconscious minds in order to communicate their marketing messages and get you to buy from them faster and with more satisfaction.

If a prospect can identify with other happy customers with the same or similar problem, your business will thrive. If you are not telling stories and/or giving your customers a story worthy experience at your place of business or on your website, you are sabotaging your business’ potential for success.

Remember this… Stories sell, people sell, and the success of your business depends on your happy customers telling others.

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