Copywriting Tip and How To Kick A Squirrels Ass!

January 5, 2008

SquirrelI was at the park with my little girl two days ago. It was about 3′oclock in the afternoon when this squirrel ran up to me out of no where and started grabbing on my nuts!

YO! Wassup squirrel. If you don’t stop pulling on my nuts I’m gonna stomp your little ass with my size twelves,” I said. That obviously didn’t phase him much because, he fell to the concrete pavement laughing and rolling and pointing at me. All while he squeaked in his little squirrel talk.

I was pissed. This little tree rat was laughing at me calling me an overgrown gorilla in front of my baby girl. Who was luckily distracted at this point and didn’t see or hear my wickedness. So while he was busy cracking up, I bent my knee, cocked my leg back and gave him a swift kick in his little puffy tail.

Eeeeek…! He went flying into a tree, head first, and SPLAT…smacked into the tree on his belly…hand ans legs spread eagle. What a sight that was to see. “Whoa, I thought…Did I just murder the little rat in front of my daughter?” The heat of fear flushed my chest, face and neck. And a single bead of sweat rolled down my forehead and on to my eyebrow. I put my hand on my head and said, “Oh God what have I done?” But…luckily a minute later he peeled his fuzzy, little, aching body off the tree and shook himself conscious.

“Whew,” I thought…”that was close!”

Feeling bad about what I had done to the little guy I opened the bag of nuts, that would have been his anyway, and I let him have some.

At least that kick in the ass will teach him to mess with me again!

Anyway, with this little incident I just wanted you to read and experience what happened to you as you read it.

Were you bored? I doubt it.

More likely you were a bit taken back and even felt a weird attraction to my utter nonsense. My words were more human and less like n authority. Did it make you want to read and visualize what I was talking about?

Of course! Why? Because people online like to be both educated and entertained at the same time. This same approach has grossed me and my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars with a single email.

Of course you wouldn’t make up dumb crap, but rather tell a more realistic story. Use times, places incidents, and scenery to build the mental imagery that you want your prospects to see and feel. Write like you talk and not like you’re pitching or announcing something. People appreciate and respond to this kind of copy.

It’s VERY different from writing a sales letter but it works like magic!

This approach is EXTREMELY powerful for anyone who uses it. You’ll see more of this kind of post from me on this blog, more tips like this and more colorful language as well!

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