What’s Missing In The Copywriting Industry?

November 14, 2007

No I’m not angry, just a little pissed off. I’ll calm down in a minute though.

Listen, I’m not kidding around when I say this but…

Should we just let them to fall into a precipice filled with the crap they created for their clients and then dump a 50 foot slab of granite onto their mangled frames? We could just leave them there like they do to others in need and indifferently watch as the vultures circle around, just waiting for the opportune moment when they can sink their razor sharp beaks into some human! Mmmmm…

But NO, that’s too harsh, a little twisted and quite inhumane so…Maybe we should make nice like my sweet wife always says, spare them the misery and teach them, how to gain back what they’ve lost? The most important thing of all…Trust!

You see…I discovered that, surprise, surprise…there are highly paid people out there in my industry that really don’t give a rats butt about their clients.

Recently, I was talking to a few of my clients and realized that a ‘problematic theme’ had arisen in the copywriting industry.

Not with me, but with other copywriters and even consultants.

I’ll tell you what happened in a moment - first, I have to tell you about something else.

Back in my days as a freelance business consultant I learned a few very valuable lessons that I now preach whole-heartedly to my clients.

As a consultant (I’m sure other consultants will agree), in any field, you tend to pick up the tiny intricate and intimate details of various types of businesses and business models. If you’re passionate about helping your clients, and I always am, you sometimes have to come to terms in your own mind, with the fact that you may see a very serious problem with another aspect of their business but your client is not willing to listen to you about it.

This happened to me quite a few times back in those days, and it was costing those clients major amounts of money, but there was always one thing that stood out to me like a sore thumb.

It was the business to client relationship…or rather customer service.

Now, I won’t go on a rant about customer service and how important it is today. I’ll get some facts and figures for you another day.

But that brings us to what recently happened with my clients.

In a single week, 3 of my clients said to me, each in their own words,

“Rasheed, I’m really happy about our relationship, I don’t feel alone and worried with you.”

Another client went on to say,

“Man you really know your stuff, that’s the way it should be! I’ve paid so many copywriters in the past and they write a sales letter and disappear, leaving me without a person to turn to for advice or to improve the copy.”

It struck me as odd. As I was reading these emails over the week, my only thought was “Huh?”

You see, I thought that I was no different than other direct response copywriters in that respect. I have always taken the utmost care in treating each of my clients with concern and intimacy for them and their sales conversions, while maintaining my exclusivity and the value of my time.

I thought other copywriters did the same!

So of course, I got curious and asked my clients about some of their past copywriters and although I won’t name, names here…some ‘A-list’ copywriters are extremely guilty of apathy in a BIG way.

I was humbled a bit by this recent experience because, I was under the impression that it was my compelling copy that kept them calling me with new projects. LOL

Sure, my sales copy often sells more percentage-wise than those other “well-known” copywriters, but the key difference is - I stick around longer to help improve and increase their sales conversions.

Sadly, my company alone can’t possibly (at this stage anyway) take every single project that comes my way…making everyone ecstatically happy.

So my words of advice is this…

Copywriters - take care of your clients. You don’t need to have tons of clients to make it big. You just need a small, select group of clients that know you, trust you and recommend your services to others. That’s all it takes! When your customers love you, they talk about you. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing you can get and it’s free!

Business Owners - When you find a copywriter, you most likely won’t be able to demand 100% of their time unless they’re an in-house employee. But when you are looking, look for someone whom other people have had a positive personal experience with. Trust your gut and don’t just run with the herd on your decision. You may end up paying ‘top-dollar’ for ‘no-frill’ service.

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