How To Activate The Golden Compass Formula For Massive Sales

December 17, 2007

Want massive sales in a hurry?Here’s how you can do it using the ‘Golden Compass” formula…

This past weekend I went to see The Golden Compass.

The trailer looked pretty good so like most people, I blindly went in to check this flick out.

As I sat there mesmerized at the previews of all of the great fantasy movies on the horizon for next year, I quietly made plans to see them all.

Then I whispered in my wife’s ear, “Hollywood finally gets it. They’re finally getting it right.”

You see, as a freelance copywriter and entrepreneur, I discovered that “The Golden Compass” Formula is where the money is. Hollywood knew it all along, but I think Anakin, Harry and Frodo each played a little part over the last few years in kicking them in the teeth with the obvious answer.

The fact of the matter is, these fellas were all part of very in depth, ‘hypnotic,’ trance inducing stories.

They each kept us glued to the screen, anxiously anticipating the next scene wondering, “Is he doomed?”

“Will a light saber slice through his arms like a hot knife through butter?”

At the end, we were left with an unfinished thought. A reason to go back to the movies complete with an emotional attachment to the characters.

From the moment we step into the movies, the story unfolds. We become a cult. Addicts even. Willingly paying ridiculous movie prices to see more. Wanting, desiring, to quench our thirst for satisfaction. Happily losing all control as we are engulfed in the story.

Fantasy movies have at their core, what ‘everyday’ businesses desperately need. They need a powerful story. A story that gets their customers talking about them, telling their friends and family and coming back to spend more money as many times as they can.

I looked around at my local area and could easily identify many such businesses that do a great job at communicating their story. (You should do the same exercise and what you find may amaze you when applied to your business.)

The first one is an awesome cafe and lounge called Cavo here in Astoria, New York. When you step into Cavo you are visually presented with an elegant mix of ’sexually’ charged design and architecture. The food is an excellent Mediterranean mix and one of the reasons Cavo gets so much word of mouth - even from me! The service is pretty good too.

Not first-class but definitely up there for what it is. Cavo was built inside about two or three multi-family houses that were literally gutted and redesigned.

Lucky for them, they DO get the word of mouth they get because, as cruel as it sounds, their advertising leaves a lot to be desired! Their ads are standard, “look how pretty our lounge is.” Their website is designed to be “pretty” as well. There’s no interactivity and reaching them through their website is a nightmare. I love the standard “Join Our Mailing List” thing, it makes me want to click it and join their list…NO…not really.

Remember, “pretty” doesn’t mean money. Sure, sex sells, but “look at me” marketing doe not.

Outside of that though, the story Cavo tells as you walk into and experience their atmosphere and food, is definitely a compelling one and one you will talk about.

Fact is, I often recommend Cavo to others and go there as often as I can.

Stories sell your product or service on many different dimensions. With story-telling you can stimulate the minds of your customers through the modalities of audio, visual and tactile. Stories are how we pass on knowledge. Story-telling is the key into the subconscious minds of your target market. They get past their conscious defenses and persuade them to spend money with you.

“Facts and figures are forgotten. Stories are retold.” -Jeffrey Gitomer

But story-telling is not just for restaurants and stores. Web based and service based businesses can and should use stories to market their products and services.

Think about it…painting powerful images through the using the right words on your website or ad copy is the equivalent of a masterful story teller weaving a brief, but powerful story that captivates your prospect with his verbal imagery and catapults them into the emotional realm of feeling, seeing and tasting what it’s like to have that product or service.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s just say that stories are told in two different ways.

The story/stories you tell your customers and the stories your customers tell others.

Effectively communicating your story through your advertising copy, product packaging, product quality and your marketing materials - including your business’ physical appearance and customers service - is a formula for certain success.

Try to short-cut those and you’re doomed to failure!

Be consistent in your story telling and then prepare for a massive surge of sales!

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