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From the desk of:  Justin Blake

Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

Only 9 short years ago I was homeless.

I had nothing to my name except a backpack and a sleeping bag. Yep, that was my "home". 

Fact is, I was only a teenager back then. I was dead broke and my only source of income was odd jobs or hard labor on toxic construction sites. Even worse, I was making minimum wage.

Imagine having to keep a roof over your head and enough food to eat on that kind of money!

Truth is, I may have been young, but I realized that I couldn't survive very long if I was living like that so I desperately wanted to make more money. 

That was around the time I started reading self help books at the library, since I couldn't afford to buy them.

But... despite the fact that those books helped me mentally I was still in the same financial position I was in when I started reading them. 

I felt like a failure!

I wanted to be rich.  I longed for a a better life.  I believed in my heart that I was destined for something greater.  I was frustrated!

And... even though I was dirt poor and had all these problems I held on to my dream of having more money.

Like most kids that grew up poor, when I was little I dreamt about living in a big mansion and driving fancy cars like a Rolls Royce or Mercedes.

...but in the direction my life was headed, I didn't know if that would ever happen.  Fact is, after a couple years... I lived in a tiny camper in the middle of the woods, alone and broke.

I felt helpless, vulnerable...I thought everyone else had a better life than I did.

You see...in my eyes, in my mind, the grass was always greener in the lives of others and not mine. 

I wanted out of that kind of feeling.  I wanted out of this kind of life, and at times I felt like rolling that camper right over a cliff - Thelma and Louise style!

I always got a grip of myself of course.  Hey, I was a young guy, lots of testosterone, and I hated my life!  I always said to myslef, "I'm gonna make it," but success seemed like a distant dream. 

I never seemed to make it happen for me.  Months, then years would pass without much of anything happening to me or my dull life. 

And... just when I thought I was stuck for life...

That's When My Life Was Changed Forever...

That year winter struck hard in Northern Michigan!  The camper I was living in didn't have fully functioning heat so as you can guess, freezing temperatures forced me to look for somewhere to live...FAST.  I nearly froze to death in there!

Luckily, I was able to move into a beat up house with 6 other guys.  Nothing to brag about, but it was something a step up from what I had before. 

As fate would have it, that was when one of the guys I lived with got a used computer and we all chipped in for internet access.

Those guys helped to change my life forever!

So, I began surfing the 'net' day and night, convinced that the "Information Super Highway" would have all the answers I needed.

Website after website, email after email, I stumbled from one secret to the next, studying everything and learning.  That was until I met a guy named Steve.  Steve was a French Canadian "internet marketer" that was filthy, stinking rich!  Exactly like I wanted to be.

The Guy Was So Rich He Had A Home In Every Continent and Worked From His Yacht!

I contacted Steve and met him the only way I knew how.  I worked my way into his network.  Basically, I asked him for a job doing what I had studied for hours and hours online at the time.  Writing emails and content for websites.

He didn't know me from a hole in the wall, but for the pennies I was willing to be paid, and after he saw my work he was willing to give me a shot.  I was thrilled and also pretty shocked!

You see, my writing was so bad, I failed my English classes in High School.  Even worse was the fact that I was only a "C" level student.  I was never really good at much of anything.  Needless to say, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed so to speak!

The amazing thing was, it doesn't matter on the internet.  Anyone can do this.

During my time with Steve, he taught me the secrets of how to profit from the internet starting from scratch!  The only problem was I worked for Steve... he was my boss and I was making about $300 a week before taxes for my efforts!

So just like any other job I began to hate it.  I mean, I helped him literally make $1 million in 8 weeks time and I didn't even get a little taste of the action if you know what I mean.

It made me sick to my stomach, but it taught me a valuable lesson  I was good enough!  What I lost in money, I gained back in experience and learned the secrets of online success.

...And these very secrets resulted in my 'transformation' into a millionaire.

They are the things that have helped me and others like me go from destitute to outrageous fortune!

That's when my evolution began...

Secrets of How I Evolved From Sad, Starving Caveman to A Happy, Stuffed, Rich Guy In Only 3 Short Years!

Steve taught me that selling information products was the best way to make money on the internet.  It was also the best way to use the internet to make money offline as well. 

Most of these information products had a 85-95% profit margin.  That means you get to keep $85 to $95 of every $100 you make online!  Just so you know most regular companies would think 30% profit margin was a miracle!

I thought about it a lot.  It even kept me up at night.  Fact is, I knew deep in my heart that I could do this myself. 

I left Steve's company, thanking him for the experience and a little bitter about helping him make a million bucks with no reward.  Life is weird that way.  Every misfortune has a hidden lining of gold if you stop and look at it in a different way.

The funny thing was, Steve had absolutely no idea WHY I wanted to leave!  Can you believe that?

Anyway, knowing what Steve taught me, and applying my grade "C" level writing skills, I created my first information product.  Then... I contacted people I had met through Steve and told them about my new product.

That Was The Beginning of How I Became Rich Online...

Sure enough they loved the idea and they helped me to promote it.  I was on my way.  That month, I earned my first $50,000 online and I have never earned less money since!

Life was great and everything changed for the better. I bought a gigantic house and a two new cars and I was finally able to start enjoying life.

By age 27 I was already a millionaire!  (Not bad for a homeless kid, huh?)

When you work from your own home with your own business you get to live a completely different life style than most people are use to.

You can wake up when you want and if you want. You can take any day off you want. You can go on vacation practically anytime you want and you never have anybody breathing down your neck or looking over your shoulders telling you what to do and how to do it.

I mean, if you're currently working from 9-5, I'm sure you've had the feeling that surely there's more to life than just going through traffic jams, shackling yourself to your desk and returning home feeling really lousy about yourself.

Think about it.

Were you "really" meant to live your life like this?  I doubt it!

My Family and I Are Living The Ultimate Lifestyle and So Can You!

Fact is, I can walk into any one of the many rooms in my home and work from anywhere.  I have a high-speed wireless internet connection and a state-of-the-art lap top computers. 

I can choose from the kitchen table (closest to food, my favorite), my 2 home offices, one of my 3 giant bedrooms, one of my 2 Jacuzzis, the backyard, my den, my gym, living room, TV room...you name it! 

It's an amazing feeling you will never forget when the only reasons you have to get out of bed are to walk the dog, take the kids to school.

The internet has given me many things.  Financial freedom. The ability to do what I want and when I want.  Vacations, fast cars, private jets, fancy things.  This year I decided that I wanted to pursue my other interests with the knowledge I gained over the last decade or so. 

Truth is, because of the amount of money I've made online, I've been investing in things like independent films and real estate.  In fact, one of those films... is a well-researched, "government conspiracy" type of documentary that discloses how the government actually did chemical and biological testing on children in the United States!

Ultimately...What Do YOU Really Want Out of Life?

Imagine... driving a luxury car over to your local shopping area and spending in a couple hours, what some people make in an entire month or a year!  What's more, there's no lines there because everyone else is at work while you casually buy whatever your heart desires.

I know how that feels, I've done it.  (I'm not really into shopping, but I wanted to try it to see how it felt...and it felt GREAT!)


Can you imagine...?


Going on vacation anytime and anywhere you want!


Making more money in a single month than most people make in years!


Buying your ultimate dream home! (I did it, and with my help you can too!)


Sending your kids in the best schools and never worrying about tuition.


Waking up and walking a few short feet to your computer to work whenever you want!


Having the kind of life changing money to give to charity or your church.


Fooling around while everyone else is rushing to work.


Ending ALL your stress about money...except where to put it all!

...YOU Can Succeed Too!

It's not a secret.  You can do exactly what I did... it's really easy IF you have faith in yourself.

The fact that a former homeless kid with a "C" average can make it, should tell you two things...

You're most likely smarter than me -AND- you are only missing a little information and faith to get you to the next level!

Do You Believe In Yourself?

I believe in YOU! 

Trust me when I say this... "If I can do it... so can YOU!"

I believed in myself when no one else would. 

In fact, I haven't even told you half of the drama that happened on my way to the top.  We're talking heart wrenching and heart breaking moments. 

...But I won't let that happen to you!

The only way to reach success fast is to have an unshakeable and unbreakable belief in yourself and that you can achieve whatever you want no matter what anyone else says!

The Secret is your inner child!

Children don't know what failure is until adults teach it to them.  They do things over and over until they get it right or learn a different way to accomplish what they want.

It's in your genes

I Failed My Way To Success... So You Can Succeed Faster!

Getting rich on the internet used to mean making mistakes and learning from them.  Over and over.  Not any more!

Imagine if you knew what I know. 

Think about what it would be like... if you knew exactly what self-made rich people knew!

You could avoid making costly mistakes and propel yourself to success three times as fast as me!

The bottom line is...

If I Can Make Millions Online... Then I Can Show You How To Make A Few Extra Thousand A Month...

Dontcha' think?

Listen, I'm not talking about some half-done plagiarized ebook written by someone with no experience becoming wealthy.

This is not some lame attempt by a wanna-be-guru who thinks he's come up with some new-fangled idea and you should pay him homage while giving him cash.

I am the real deal.

I know the battle tested strategies that can make you rich (been there… done that) and the strategies that will bankrupt you (you might have bought some of these online from some unscrupulous person, more interested in sucking out your cash than helping you succeed).

This is not the case for you any more!

You see...

I Created a DVD for You That Will Reveal My Secrets Of Making $100,000 In The Next 12 Months!

I put together my secrets for getting rich on the Internet in a comprehensive 1 hour DVD and decided to give it to you for FREE!

When I originally created it, I was going to charge a whopping $197 for this DVD.  That's because I feel it's such important information and you'll learn the real ways of making money on the internet.

Instead, I decided to give it to you for FREE!


...Because I'm so certain that after watching my DVD you will immediately see that I'm the real deal and that I truly do care about your success!

Once you see this, I know it will make you realize that my products truly are life changing and once you get your hands on them your life will never be the same.

The way I look at it is that it's a win-win situation for the both of us. You get to discover how to change your financial destiny and I will gain your trust as a future customer.

My DVD will reveal how I became a millionaire and how you can copy my success and make $100,000 in the next 12 months.

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Justin Blake


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