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Here's why:

If I Can Make Millions Online... Then I Can Show You How To Make A Few Extra Thousand A Month...

Dontcha' think?

It's my way of giving back to those that have been with me from the beginning.

I normally don't write things like this.  I'm usually writing an email or chit chatting with some friends online or some other leisurely activity.  You see, I try not to work too hard except once or twice a year now.

The internet has given me many things.  Financial freedom. The ability to do what I what when I want.  Vacations, fast cars, private jets, fancy things.  This year I decided that I wanted to pursue my other interests with the knowledge I gained over the last decade or so. 

Truth is, because of the amount of money I've made online, I've been investing in things like Independent Films and real estate.  In fact, one of those films... a well-researched, "government conspiracy" type of documentary that discloses how the government actually did chemical and biological testing on children in the United States!

So over the next year, I'm going to be spending much of my time producing and marketing my movies.  And buying and flipping luxury homes.  And that's the main reason I wrote this letter to you today. 

And anyway... I wanted to share what I know before I move on to bigger things.  To also get even with the dishonest people that hurt the newcomers starting out in this industry.  Maybe even to make myself immortal in a way, through my teachings.  I dunno.

You see, I pretty much know that...

  1. You're tired of your bills piling up instead of your income.

  2. You know there's got to be a better way for you to grow your income and build an online business from home.

  3. You've become convinced that there has to be something that you're missing to achieve business and personal success.

  4. You're downright overloaded with information and being pulled in five different directions by every other 'expert' out there without a clear path to follow.

There’s no easy way to put this so I’m gonna come right out with it.

Like it or not, we’re ALL just puppets on a string in the hands of invisible puppet masters! 

(I'll explain later!)

 What you cannot see is quickly reducing your life to a constant financial struggle when it does not have to be that way.  You can be making more money and actually enjoying more free time!

If you can control your emotions, open up your mind and suspend your doubts until you get the facts, I promise you that you’ll be thanking me for reading this free report for years to come! 


The Fastest Way To Succeed Online Is to Learn From A Wealthy Person Who Already Knows How...

You see, the stuff you need to learn to become successful is not the stuff they teach in school (don't tell your kids that).  It's also not what the typical online expert teaches or even knows. 

Most of those guys make their money - not from the internet - but instead they make most of their money by speaking on stage or holding seminar events and selling high ticket products.  

Not that I have anything against them or what they do, but I have horrible stage fright so I had to learn how to make that kind of money without doing seminars or selling "big ticket" (high priced) items.

Before we get too far into the meaty stuff, let me give you some background information.  If you don't already know me and my story, here it is.  Even if you do, you should read it.  It "sets the stage" for learning my blueprint.

Here begins my journey:

Hi, my name is Justin Blake and I've been making millions online since around 1999.  It wasn't always that way for me though.  That's because I was homeless just shortly before I made my mark online.

You see, I had nothing more than a backpack and a sleeping bag. Yep, that was my "home".  I was only a teenager then, but it was better than living with a drug using mother and stepfather that beat the hell out of me! 

How I Evolved From Sad, Starving Caveman To A Happy, Stuffed, Rich Guy In Only 3 Short Years!

Secret #1 - Self Help

Of course, I knew that I couldn't survive very long if I was living like that, so I set my mind to get a job and some a place to stay.  That was around the time I started reading self help books like The Celestine Prophecies, Think and Grow Rich, and Thought Vibration and countless others at the library, since I couldn't afford to buy them.

(That's a fact!  Show me anyone who has become successful (self made), online or off, and I'll show you a person that has dived head first into self help books, CDs and courses.)

Those books helped me build the mindset of success, and soon I was able to get a job as a Drywall Installer.  I also got a place to stay.  That rickety camper I mentioned earlier.

Needless to say, I wasn't satisfied.  Why?  After all I did have a job and not a lot of people could say that, right?  Heck, I was just a teenager with no experience!  But truth was, I was working in toxic fumes and dust and most of the guys on the site would be coughing up all sorts of disgusting things during and after work. 

Yeah, we were breathing in crap that I hope I don't have to pay for when I'm older.  We were all a desperate bunch.  I was happy to have some money for food and a place to live.

That's around the time when Winter struck hard in Northern Michigan!  The camper I was living in didn't have fully functioning heat so as you can guess, freezing temperatures forced me to look for somewhere to live...FAST.  I nearly froze to death in there!

Let me ask you...How many years have gone by where you have said, "This is the year I'm going to make it happen!  I'm going to make it BIG!" But instead of waking up each morning closer to becoming financially independent, and happier, you find yourself with the same kind of life, year after year?

Do you know what was missing?

Read on...

Secret #2 - Perseverance

As the Law of Attraction would have it, I was able to move into a beat up house with 6 other guys.  Nothing to brag about, but it was something a step up from what I had. 

As fate would have it, that was when one of the guys I lived with got a used computer and we all chipped in for internet access.

Those guys helped to change my life forever!

So, I began surfing the 'net' day and night, convinced that the "Information Super Highway" would have all the answers I needed.

As destiny would have it, I quickly fell into every single online money-making scheme that found it's way into my email Inbox.  And... that was before Spam-blockers! I lost every scrap of cash I could get my hands onto, for three years straight.

But what I lost in money, I gained in experience.

Sticking to my game plan and working on studying internet marketing and applying what I learned was one of the keys to my success.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I wanted to curl up in my bed and give up.  I felt like everyone else had it better than me and if I wanted to have things like them, I had to work twice as hard! 

Believe me when I tell you this...

I Failed My Way To Success... But I Discovered Things No One Else Knew Until Today!

I The point is, I never gave up.  No matter how bad it got. No matter what happened.  I kept at it.  When you keep at it... and learn from your mistakes... you succeed.  Plain and simple.

All of the successful people I have ever met, have had that one trait in common

Secret #3 - Other People's Opinions Are Worthless!

On another note, keeping other people's opinions at bay was another one of the secrets to how I made my millions!  Yeah, I'm serious.  You see, everyone has an opinion.  Most of them don't matter.  At least when it comes to you, your dreams and your internet business.

Whether you're getting started online or an experienced pro... people... whether family, friends or both will stick their noses into your business and they sabotage your success.  Don't blame them though, because it's in our "genetic makeup" to maintain what's known as "homeostasis."  These people feel compelled to maintain the life they know as a matter of survival.  So if you are the one changing... they try to change you back!

When YOU are different (becoming successful) it makes others feel inadequate or different from you.  They are forced to "subconsciously" see their own faults and failures.  What seems normal to them to protect you from failure is instead them fighting their own inner demons. 

Like I said, you can't blame them.  When we were a "hunter gatherer" society, doing something different could get you killed by predators or other clans or tribes.  You did what was already done for centuries or... you were risking your safety and the safety of others.

In our modern society... at least "most" modern societies... this quest for self fulfillment is not commonly met with such serious consequences.  It's simply met with a failure of some sort.  Maybe it cost you some money, but that's about it.  It's only a failure nothing that serious.  Trouble is, we are taught to avoid failure from a very young age.  We are taught to feel badly about our failures.

Listen, your friends and family will try to save you from failure BUT... it's only when you fail your way forward that you actually accomplish something worth while!  And... if you think that all of your experienced mentors will give you the best advice possible... think again!  I've been given some of the absolute worst advice from people who are wealthy and supposedly wise.  Take advice for what it is.  It's only advice. 

Did you know... the smartest, most successful and not surprisingly biggest companies in the world all reward failure?


Because when you're consistently failing at different things, that means you're actually trying something that has not been proven and you are only a failure away from a massive breakthrough!  By doing this Your success is virtually guaranteed!

So, forget other people's opinions - be happy about messing up - and fail your way to success!.      


 Secret #4 - Direct Response Marketing

One of the things I realized early on was that rich people always had some edge that normal folks like you and me did not.  "That's why they can make so much cash," I thought.  I used to think it was some tricks or some special investment or something that they all knew about that I didn't.

Then, I thought that it was all about their energy.  (Even though your energy does matter...)  Boy was I WRONG! 

Finally, I Discovered Something That All the Rich People I Knew Had In Common...

They all had a business!  Not only that, but as it turns out... the ones that were the most profitable -- the easiest to start were the ones that were based on proven Direct Response Marketing principles.

You may already know this, but if you don't...Direct Response Marketing is based on using advertising and marketing principles that trigger a "direct" response. (Duh!) In other words you will immediately know the success or failure of your advertising on generating and increasing sales. 

The thing about it is, these triggers are based on basic human emotions.  Stuff we all trigger in people that we know all the time.  Knowing this I began to study how to apply these triggers online.  And... that's when the money started rolling in!

I Uncovered 4 Emotional Triggers That ALL Human Beings Possess! 

Don't worry, I'll tell you exactly what they are in a moment.

Before I knew it I was triggering buying patterns in other people by using my words online.  Just simple written words!  Even better was the fact that I never met these people in my life!  That's the amazing power of the internet.

So what the heck are the 4 Emotional Triggers?

Quick - Easy - Love - Money

I'll explain these in further detail in a minute, but let's back to the story. 

Once I had made my discovery about applying Direct Response Marketing on the internet everything changed!  (Remember, back then...there weren't that many websites and sales letters online... so I had to figure all this out by myself)  

That's around the time when I met Steve.  Steve was an up and coming internet marketing guru, one of the first of his kind actually... and he had a product that could get you lots and lots of advertising for free.  So, I decided to help Steve (who so happened not to speak fluent English) to write his sales copy and his email marketing campaigns.

So I started working with him and within 8 weeks of launching his product, he crossed the million dollar mark and had over 600,000 subscribers to boot! Not bad for a poor, long-haired kid from Michigan, with no real experience and a French Canadian, ay?

Unfortunately for me, he was paying me a flat salary for my time!  I was pissed at myself to say the least.  Four-letter-words flew out of my mouth at lightning speed!  But like everything else... what I lost in money, I gained in experience because...

He Taught Me the Secrets to How Humans Behave Online

I didn't know it at first.  And luckily... neither did he.  So fortunately... my young, ignorant self decided to figure out WHAT I had done for Steve... and how I could repeat it for myself.  That's when the 4 Emotional Triggers revealed themselves to me.

For the purpose of revealing the secrets behind the 4 Emotional Triggers this is the example we will be refer back to

"How To Get 1 Million Visitors Without Paying A Dime In Advertising!"

The funny thing about these 4 emotional triggers is that I never even realized I was applying them.  It seemed to make perfect sense to me and that's all I thought of it.  I only uncovered them later after going back and interpreting my own work. 

 SPECIAL NOTE:  Because these triggers are "multi-dimensional" and can be interpreted and applied in many different ways, please keep your mind open to them and their application in different situations. 


Ask any 3-year-old when they want something and they will tell you the exact same answer.  "Now!"  From a very young age and especially the "information age", people want things NOW.  "Immediate Gratification" is the name of the game and that shows in everything we do. 

There's nothing wrong with it.  After all, you want money fast.  Always have and always will, right?  I like to make money fast too.  So does almost anyone else you speak to.

You see, by designing your product or service and your advertising to fulfill that basic desire you can immediately trigger the "Yes, I want it quick response." 

Remember Steve's traffic product that gets you lots and lots of free traffic fast?  Can you see the "Quick" in there?  Good!

NotePeople want it fast.  People want it now.


This one is pretty self explanatory.  Who doesn't want to get whatever they want... EASY?  After all -- EASY and QUICK are two of the cornerstones of the biggest industries in the world!  Regardless of the consequences, we want it EASY and FAST!  Just so I drive this idea deep into your mind...

Think about this: 

  • Oil Industry -- Gas to get wherever you want to go -- quick and easy.

  • Airline Industry -- Go really far, really fast and easy.

  • Weight Loss Industry -- Lose weight fast and easy.

  • Work At Home Industry -- Make money from home fast and easy.

  • Internet Service -- Get access to anything quick and easy.

  • Computers -- Get more work done faster and easier.

  • Self Help Industry -- Improve your life fast and easy.

  • Entertainment Industry -- Experience a fantasy quick and easy.

  • Cell Phones -- Talk to anyone, anywhere fast and easy.

That list is practically endless.  Name your industry -- and you'll see that those two triggers are deeply ingrained into the fabric of the products and services of that industry. 

By triggering your website visitor's need for a "quick and easy" - solution to a problem or a product that satisfies their desires quickly and easily, you will be on your way to making millions online.



 Who else wants Quick and Easy...Money?  Let's face it, we all do!

And... especially people in the Business Opportunity market.  But its not just "Biz-Op" people.  Talk to anyone with any sense of how money works and they all agree that making money now and fast is one of the keys to success. 

The other aspect of money is the fact that we are all brought up to believe that "money is power" or "money buys power" or "money buys you stuff that makes you happy." With very few exceptions those statements are 100% true. 

You see, it's not the money that we really want.  It's the feeling of what it does for us.  What it gets us.  It gets you that new Iphone...  the newest cars...  a luxury home...  brand name, nice looking clothes and not that Old Navy stuff (as if anyone really noticed). 

Heck, Money Gets You SEX!

Okay, okay... it's the confidence and power that gets you the sex.  But... money gives people that confidence and power they want.  Yes, sex... even with your spouse.  Especially with your spouse!  Who isn't uncontrollably attracted a powerful person by their side?

Let me ask you this... Have you ever driven a luxury car?  If not, you should go test drive one.  Then see how you feel.  You see, people don't just buy these cars because they look nice.  They buy them because of how it makes them feel -- because of their status!  They do it for the "I have arrived" feeling.  They buy them because other people will think more of them.

Studies conducted on how people judge your "authority" (power) found that a person is judged on these four criteria.  Your car, your title, your clothing,

Building that "money getting mentality" into your products or service is pretty simple.  Remember the "How To Get 1 Million Visitors Without Paying A Dime In Advertising!" -- Well what do you get with 1 million visitors that you didn't pay for?  Sales and money of course.  Not to mention the fact that you also saved money by not paying for them.  Money making and money saving was injected into the headline with prospects like you and I in mind.

By simply infusing your product, your marketing and and ads with Quick-Easy-Money will guarantee you begin to take the lion's share of the profits online.  Just take a look at the top products on Clickbank that's exactly the combination you will find infused into those products.

I'm not saying that most of them aren't trash, but they all have the Quick-Easy-Money infused into them. 

If you just had a "Duh" moment, don't worry... I did too when I first realized this.  And to think... people out there sell you on all sorts of new fangled money-making ideas and concepts while they all make the millions with this one concept!

Now it's time to share the...


Like each of the previous 3 triggers "Love" is a very 'multi-dimensional' thing.  There are definitely many, many levels of what we perceive as "Love," but I don't think I need to tell you that.  You're human - at least I hope (wink) - and you are an emotional being.  So is your market! 

To build love or rather infuse Love into your products, services, marketing and ads... you need to understand your target market's desires.  Better said, "You must understand their needs, wants and wishes."

Spending only a little time online or offline in researching their conversations in forums and sites that offer reviews, you'll begin to see trends or patterns in what they talk about and what they want.  Once you find this, you just struck gold! 

You now have the ability to "speak their language" to talk like them and with them... on a level that will make your market feel like you truly understand them. Your ads, your emails, your sales letters and the touchstones of your product or service will ring with the new sense of "I Understand You!"

Being at this level with people will help you win BIG.  Just look at when Barack Obama was elected into the most powerful position in the world.  He spoke to the people and told them what they wanted and so desperately needed to hear.  Regardless of race or religious differences... he was able to win "The People's Vote."  His touchstone was "Change" and... that's what the people wanted.

Believe it or not that's only one level of using Love to build your business. 

One of the other aspects of the love trigger is how it is attracted by the other 3 triggers.  Think about it... what does quick and easy money get you? Better yet, what does money get you?  Could it get you love? 

Can Money Buy You Love?

Listen, we can be all prim and proper about this subject, but the bottom line is this...  The most stress is caused in a relationship by financial difficulties.  Less money trouble equals less tension.  Less tension means more happiness and love.  It doesn't mean that people don't love each other if there's a shortage of money.  They do.  But the fact of the matter is, the tension cause by financial stress makes it feel like there's less love.

 If your product or service can reduce their financial worries, then at a very subconscious and powerful level, you can trigger the love emotion.  If your customer is single, then lots of quick and easy money to them means lots of money to get flashy things to attract the opposite sex.  Honestly, can you find a young man or woman that doesn't like that?

Bottom line:  Money gets love.  Both directly and indirectly.  If your product, service, marketing and ads can communicate that at even a subconscious level... then you can control the buying habits of your market in a flash!

I'll tell you more about applying love shortly.

Secret #5 - Build Your List For Goodness Sakes!

For most people, "build your list" is not some new term or rule.  If it is, then great.  But the thing about it is, most people - yes your favorite gurus - always seem to forget to mention how truly important this is. 

Hmmmm... I wonder why  that is?  Could it be because that is the way to make fast and consistent money every day, every month and every year?  So fast in fact that you will never need to buy another "make money online" product ever again?  

Fact is, myself and VERY few others have some of the newest subscribers in the Internet Marketing industry.  Other industries too, but this is about internet marketing. 

Remember when I said that many of the "so-called" experts don't even make their money online and they do it on stage at seminars?  The reason they do seminars is because they don't know how to build their list like I can. 

And... even though they are preaching that the internet is the an automated way to make money from home, without cold calls, without pitching anyone face to face etc... yet they aren't living what they preach... Because they really don't know how how to do it.  They make their money from 'stage sales'.  Sadly, they really don't know how to generate automated income from home.

List Building 101 -- All You'll Ever Need To Know!

List building is simple.  Don't let anyone tell you differently. 

All you have to do is go to where your target market is and redirect them to your squeeze page or targeted content. 

Maybe your "target subscribers" are searching on Google. 

Maybe they are on a social network like Facebook or Myspace. 

Maybe even on Twitter or any other major "traffic hub". 

No matter where they are, your only task is to attract them with your words and 'persona' and then send them somewhere that you have an optin form. 

It could be a 'squeeze page' or a content page with an optin box.  Capture them.  It's called "lead capture" and that's what separates the players from the wannabes!  It's pretty obvious though.  Look at any one of the top experts in any field and you'll quickly realize that they all have a list.  Most have very large lists, which in my opinion is not 100% necessary.  But the fact is, they all have a list of people interested in their topic of expertise.

Simply put... having that list is like owning a diamond mine. 

Secret #6 - Email Marketing

The 3 Step Secret To Email Marketing...

Ready for this one?  Okay...

  1. Get your email opened.

  2. Frame your offer.

  3. Get your subscriber to click.

Hey, I never said it was complicated.  But the unbelievable, undeniable fact of the matter is, most people... your favorite guru included, DO NOT do this! 

I have no gosh darn clue why?

I think they get lazy when they have a big subscriber list and depend on the big numbers.  Maybe... just maybe... they don't want to send all their subscribers to their JV offers so they sabotage their own affiliate commissions to accomplish that.

Oh, yeah!  Some people do that to you.  And... you wouldn't believe who does that last one!  But, I gotta' be completely honest, the same people that sabotage their email promotions don't know how to promote to their list anyway.

Getting your email opened starts with your subject line.  You can use curiosity, shock or any number of direct response headline strategies in your subject lines.

From 1% to 8% With One Email?!

Framing your offer should seem obvious.  It's not.  If you are selling something that most people have not heard about, then you need to make sure you give that "thing" more credibility through your email.  Then and only then do your sales go from (and this is a real and tested truth) less than 1% to over 8%.  That means that before framing, you would get 1 out of 100 clicks to become a sale.  After framing however, your sales are now 8 out of 100 clicks.

There you go... one of my six figures a month strategies handed to you in plain language.  No fluff, no filler!

Getting the click depends on how good of an email you write.  Your copy and your ability to build curiosity.  Problem is, most people build curiosity and think that, that is going to make them tons of sales.  It couldn't be further from the truth. 

Curiosity will get you all the clicks you want... but only clicks, not qualified clicks that lead to sales.  My years of experience has given me the gift of knowing when to use each kind of strategy.   

Give your subscriber firm directions on what to click and why they should.  Doing that will make you a kings ransom online.  It really doesn't matter what your selling.  You can sell your own product, private label products or someone else's product.

Secret #7 - The Light and The Dark

Don't get me wrong.  It's not all a bowl of cherries.  Because when you achieve the kinds of numbers (sales revenue)... and you will with the Caveman To Millionaire Methods, you better have thick skin!

For various reasons -- buyers remorse being the main one...  A single person can voice an opinion, regardless of how wrong and bring every other unhappy person out of the woodwork.  The truth is, you'll find yourself deeply involved in online disputes over what you or your company said and what they thought they were buying. 

I used to sit there for hours beating myself up over WHAT I could have done to make the product better and help each of these people.  That's when one of my mentors told me, "Justin, when you stop to think about all this, your sales suffer and your employees do to!"  If your refund rates are at 15% or less, don't even worry about it. 

Believe me when I tell you this... When you apply all these strategies and techniques that I teach you, you are guaranteed to start bringing in some serious sales numbers.  So be prepared.

The great part about it is that you will bring in so much money by simply following this advice that the bad stuff will pale in comparison!



I'm pretty sure that by now you're probably thinking...

I Want To Discover More Justin... What Do I Have To Do To Get It?

Let me be bluntly honest here....

I didn't really want to make anything more than this free report.  In fact, I was going to just disappear until my right-hand man and business partner, who you may or may not know, told me that I was absolutely nuts to go out like that!  Actually he had some REALLY colorful words to throw at me.  After all, it's a reflection on him too because he's been the silent guy behind the scenes in my business.

We had a little argument between friends about it because even though we're both 100% ready to move on to producing and marketing independent films, he felt that we should go out with something more memorable.  We agreed to disagree and that's all I thought of it. 

Next thing you know, I wake up last Friday at 12AM... the dogs are howling... my girls are scared... I grab one of my shotguns... and he's at my doorstep!  "What the heck are YOU doing here" I yelled.  Still squinting from glare of my security lights and hysterically laughing at the same time he said, "The Caveman To Millionaire Methods!"

Okay, he's a bit eccentric... kinda like me.  But, for him to travel 700 miles to put me in my place, well I had to at least listen to the guy.  The next day, we sat down and went over my entire online history.  We checked each action I took over the years and how much money it did or did not make me. 

Yes, We Literally Combed Through Each Email Promotion I Have Sent Since 1999 and...

I've Uncovered All of My Most Profitable Email Campaigns And... I'm Giving You The Play-By-Play Secrets to How I Achieved Them!

Then I went back to my sales and income figures and took a peek to see how those weeks and months turned out for me.  I was amazed!  I had done so many things -- tested so many tactics -- that I had even forgotten so a lot of them.  Of course I'm now beginning to apply again.  Well, for a short time anyway. 

So what does this mean to you?

If you're with me this far, then I'm pretty sure you're very smart and you kinda' figured out what we did.  You see, my team and I have taken my years of experience online, condensed it into the most powerful elements... and put together a roadmap of what to do, when to do it and how to analyze your results!

We named it:

"The Caveman to Millionaire Methods"

...because before I made it big online I was literally living on scraps  and barely getting by - like a caveman!

My life was pretty horrible back then, but now I can live a life of luxury and freedom!  Not that I'm showing off or anything.  In fact you couldn't tell that I make as much money as I do if you met me.  That's the beauty of the internet!

Imagine... sending out a single email that brings you $10,000, $20,000, or even $50,000 in sales and commissions. 

ONE email!  That's the kind of numbers I've done.  In fact, I've done even more than that.  And I didn't even do any of those fancy launch sequence things or anything you hear people yapping away about nowadays.

I like life simple.  Make lots of money and relax.  Then do something good with your money. 

The truth is, what I can teach you to do -- no one else can or will -- from basic skills onwards -- most people (experts included) have never even thought about... especially not the way I think. What you'll be able to consistently do with one email... most people need an entire email series to accomplish.

Listen, I've made more money on one email promotion than some entire product launch sequences have made... simply because I knew the right strategy to use.  The strategy I'm going to show you in The Caveman to Millionaire Methods. 

You'll Be Amazed At How The Caveman to Millionaire Methods Automatically Remove All The Barriers to Your Earning Power...

...Even If You Don't Know A Lick About Making Money Online or Just Downright Hate Computers!

I know what you'll be up against.  I've been there myself.  That was my #1 motivating reason for creating this program even though I didn't intend to.  Besides... what you'll discover in my Caveman to Millionaire Methods will not only surprise you and make you stop to think, but also transform your life forever. 

Just like it has for me.

Oh, and this information is absolutely 100% duplicate-able in almost any industry.

Here's what you'll learn with The Caveman to Millionaire Methods Program...

  • My exact mind map of how I think and how I am able to achieve the kind of income I have! (I told you this is no joke!)

  • The list building strategies I use to suck in massive quantities of subscribers 24/7 like clockwork.  I've used these exact strategies to pull in over 42,000 subscribers in a little over one day.

  • What is my #1 squeeze page secret and why?  This method is guaranteed to get you a 50%-70% or more opt-in rate!

  • How to think before you write a single word to your list.

  • My time-tested, work every time, email marketing strategies to rake in GIGANTIC profits... even from one email!

  • A 3-Step Mental Plan for maximizing your businesses success in record time.

  • The 'bold-faced truth' about the most commonly taught approach to internet business building and why it's dead-wrong!

  • How to make more money by working less.  (this is not what you think)

  • Find out why hiring employees may not be the best thing to do and why it would be wise for you to become aware of other skilled resources that are waiting for you to tap into!

  • The #1 Secret That Can Dramatically Impact How Fast You Succeed Online!

  • 3 components that are critical to 'non-stop' revenue generation... without them your business is dead in the water.

  • The secret formula for maximizing your results at warp speed.

  • The horrible MYTH that most people believe in online that can literally destroy you and your business!

  • How using this leveraging method the right way can change your financial future faster than any other method available to day.

  • The BEST investment you can make and how not investing in this will cripple your results...don't let this happen to you.

  • How to run your own outrageously successful internet business with virtually no inventory, no major overhead and no headaches.

  • The hidden truth about products and how to effortlessly create them.

  • Hypnotize anyone with words. (And get them to buy your products and services!) - WARNING:  This is ONLY for ethical people!

  • How to use your website to produce sales and collect email addresses for back-end profits month after month.

  • The biggest myth about the so-called "LAZY" way to online wealth. This alone will save you hundreds of hours in wasted time, energy and frustration!

  • What are the best autoresponders to use.  (No they're not all created equally) From beginner to advanced.  I'll tell you what you should use when you're starting out and then what you should use as you make progress.

  • And a whole lot more...

Okay So What's The "Sticker-Price" On This Baby Justin?

Well, quite honestly... originally I hadn't really given it some very serious thought.  Sp I consulted with my past clients for weeks, to see what they would be willing to pay.  And since they've already paid 4 and 5 figures for my personal advice and profited as a result, they quickly said, "between $895 and $1450"

The thing is, I realize that whether you're starting out or struggling with your existing business, paying that kind of money can actually hurt you and in some cases jeopardize your success.

I refuse to let that happen to YOU!

Besides, you already have other costs to run your business like, hosting, autoresponders and shopping cart fees which can really add up. (I'll also show you how to get those dirt-cheap!)

I know, because I've been there.

Now as of this writing I have already created the final price which happens to be $197.   Which by the way happens to be a darn good price for what you'll be getting.

But I decided that, that won't happen until the specially priced Charter Packages are all taken.  Currently I'm capping it at 500 Caveman to Millionaire Charter Packages for only $97 today!

So if you're reading this message and act now, I'm going to give  you the opportunity to "lock in" the rock-bottom lowest possible rate.  For only $197 $97 - I know you admit this is a pretty good price. Especially when others have paid as much as $2997 to get access to this same comprehensive information. 

Better yet, here's my...

*** Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! ***

Give The Caveman to Millionaire Methods a try for a full 60 days and if you don't agree that these strategies and techniques are powerful and profitable, then ask and you will receive a full refund.  No hassles, no B.S.!

So my only questions are...

Can you do it?

Will you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime killer opportunity now and receive The Caveman to Millionaire Methods for only $97, or will you test my word, wait it out and suddenly find yourself completely out of luck when I raise it to $297, then $497 and finally $997? I will let you decide, but I would highly encourage you to order right now and save yourself the agony of defeat.

Can you join the ranks of the internet elite? Sure you can and The Caveman to Millionaire Methods shows you how! Grab your copy now and, who knows, you could be one of the Women (or Men) I brag about to the world and to my list before the year is through!

"Don't you think you deserve to have the hot-rides, the beautiful partners, a luxury home - OR - the sheer satisfaction of being able to help others through charity or seeing the happy smiles of your children or spouse as you give them that gift that they've been dreaming about?"

Isn't that what it all boils down to?

Are you Serious or are you just Curious?

Curiosity is a heck of a thing and if you're just curious, well then this is NOT for you and you should leave this page immediately.

If you are serious about transforming your life and taking your business to the next level then take action now and 'Lock-In' your Charter Package rate.

Finally, let me repeat what I explained at the top of this page. You aren't going to find this information anywhere else on the internet! Some pissed off people (mentioning no names) have actually told me that I “reveal too much”. Which is why they won’t publish my offer, or sell my products from their sites – even though I offered to split the lions share of the profits with them. So don’t waste your time searching for this information elsewhere; I guarantee you won’t find!

Will you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime killer opportunity now and receive "The Caveman to Millionaire Methods" for only $97 today or will you test my word, wait it out and suddenly find yourself completely out of luck when I raise it to $197 and eventually to $247?

I will let you decide, but I would highly encourage you to order right now and save yourself the agony of finding out the hard way.

Like I said earlier, I'm off to tend to my other ventures.  This is sort of my last major project related to making money.  All my tricks and strategies are here.


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