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From the desk of:  Rasheed Ali
New York, NY

RE: The Amazing A.C.E.S. and more...



Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

With your permission...

I'd like to share two secrets that can increase your income almost instantly!

Better yet...If you want to exponentially increase your sales and profits, boost your subscriptions and give your competition something to lose sleep over, then all you really need is powerful sales copy that turns your visitors or prospects into happy, paying customers...eagerly waiting in line to give you their money.

You don't have to admit it but, I'm completely certain you want that...

...Because you came to this website to either find a copywriter for your website and sales material OR you're curious about what you heard I can do and you're snooping around on my site.  Heheh!

No worries, it's all fair when you're in business - so allow me to introduce myself and also give you a word of warning.

WARNING:  There is some harsh language on this page and if my passion for applying direct response copywriting to your business gets the best of me then vulgarities are inevitable.  In other words..."This is NOT for the Delicate Flowers among us."


Hi, my name is Rasheed Ali and I am the direct response copywriter behind some of the hottest selling products and services on the internet over the last few years.

I've been called "The Architect" for my business building abilities and sometimes an "Insidious Beast" by my clients and peers - for my wicked business insights, masterful design of sales generating copy and revenue accelerating systems.

Personally, I prefer the name Combat Copywriter!

Why?  Am I some sorta' soldier?  Well, not quite in the normal sense of the word, but I am in fact...

A "Soldier of Fortune"

-- In the War for maximum sales.

Because the truth of the matter business, any business, you're constantly in a state of war.  Just think about it...Does your competition come around...kiss you on the cheek and give you a warm, smiling hello?

I think NOT! 

More likely they'd ruthlessly cut your business to smithereens or even worse they would impale you -- leaving your business to suffer an agonizing death if they had the opportunity!

That's reality my friend.  If you're in business, you either kick ass or get your butt whooped!

But, forget about all that for a second and let me ask you this...

What would you feel like if...your merchant bank called you about your mysterious increased sales activity...while your email lists exploded, your customer lists began overflowing and your phone was ringing off-the-hook with new orders?

That's what happens to your businesses when you 'take the bull by the horns' and apply direct response copy to your marketing and ads.  Your sales soar, your profits soar and your business takes off like a space shuttle!

Anyone who knows, will tell you I'm not exaggerating.

Oh, and that's also not to mention that the second your competition gets wind of the recent surge in your sales -- and simultaneous decrease in their sales -- the only words they'll have for you is...

"You Dirty, Rotten, Stinkin', Son-of-A-B@#%..."

...And all this happened because you made good use of a few simple words OR hired yourself the Combat Copywriter! (you know I had to put that in there)

Here's the thing...there's really no big secret to this because it happens everyday, in the blink of an eye and you never even notice it. 

It's copywriting of course!  Direct response copywriting to be exact and multi-billion dollar advertising agencies use it to help their clients generate millions or billions of dollars in sales every year.

Not only that, but many of the wealthiest people in the world use direct response copy to build there businesses and make their competition obsolete.  Heck, Donald Trump uses direct response copywriters to maximize his real estate secrets website's conversion and performance.

He even uses them for his sales material, print ads and radio ads.  Just today, I heard "The Donald" on the radio promoting his real estate secrets and -- of all things -- he was reading from a sales script, obviously written by a direct response copywriter.

"The Donald" is no fool.  Even he has a silent respect for copywriters.  He knows that those with the power of crafting persuasive words on paper can make or break his business.

Now I know I promised you some secrets and I'll give them to you.  But keep in mind these are only two secrets among hundreds that you can learn to improve your conversion.

This one will teach you a quick and easy way to skillfully enter the mind of your prospect so that they are willingly compelled to listen to and BUY from you.

The Amazing A.C.E.S. Method Revealed

For a time, my business got a bit out of control. 

On the one hand, I had truckloads of money being thrown at me (not a bad thing) but on the other hand I had additional demands placed on my time by my consulting clients wanting my advice on their copy.

I was being pulled in too many directions...

As we both know, time is more valuable than any other element in business. 

So to quell the ambivalence I developed this method over the last few years in order to best suit the growing needs of my clients - and give them a systemized method for quickly developing copy (namely headlines) that sells.

The A.C.E.S. Method was born!  Here it is...

A compelling headline has these four elements in it almost ALL of the time.

A - Attention
C - Curiosity
E - Excitement
S - Specificity

In other words a compelling headline…

1. Grabs the attention of your visitor.
2. Builds curiosity about your product or service.
3. Builds excitement through the use of powerful ‘news type’ and persuasive words.
4. Is specific to your target market’s needs, wants and wishes and your product or service.

For example…

A long-time client of mine created a software that slows down video training material so that the user can learn specific moves or techniques faster.

Here’s the headline we came up with in only five minutes and STILL it can be improved but the sales results have been amazing to say the least.

“Amazing Software That Manipulates Video So That Anyone Can Learn At Least 3 Times Faster Than Normal...Watching The Same Video...In A Completely Different Way!”

Do you see the A.C.E.S. in there? Great!

Then he continued on with a video and long-form sales letter.

But remember, this technique also works for catalogue styled websites that sell hundreds or thousands of products, yet it can still be used for other types of products that, dare I say it…may not require a sales letter!

*** Notice I didn’t say that they do not require sales copy...just not a full long-form sales letter.

Writing effective sales copy or rather writing headlines will remain one of the most effective and probably STILL overlooked methods of converting more visitors to paying customers on the internet.

That’s awesome news for you and very bad news for your competition!

Does The A.C.E.S. Method Really Work?

I know you're probably wondering if what I say can really work for you.  After all, it seems too simple right?

Well, I use it myself, each and every day, to help my clients generate millions of dollars in sales. 

But honestly...

There's no need to wonder -- Here's what others are happily saying about me...

"Almost Double the Sales From the Same Amount of Traffic..."

Hey Rasheed,

I wanted to send you a BIG 'thank you' for the recent copy rewrite you did for one of our highly trafficked sales letters. I split tested the copy you wrote, against the previous copy and the results after a significant number of actions was pretty astonishing to say the least. The copy you wrote out-pulled the previous copy by almost 100%!

That's almost double the sales from the same amount of traffic.

Double the sales = ALOT more money in my pocket.

I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks Rasheed!

Brad Callen
Bryxen Software™
SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer


"Quickly Sold A Mansion In Bali Valued at $200,000 By Using Your Copywriting Skills..."

Hi Rasheed,

You are the man. Thanks man for every thing you taught to me. Even I’ve barrier in my English but it works for me. When I created my first opt in page it is so awful but after you critiqued my first opt in and make some cosmetic into it my conversion rate increase 40% that’s that totally amazing.

Even though I use "Bahasa" in my opt in,  it still works. You are my mentor of choice! I’ve highly respected to you. Hope some day we can be a partner.

Btw I quickly sold a mansion in Bali valued at $200,000 by using your copywriting skills and apply it in my writing copy.

Thanks man,

Semmy W.


"Boosted My Sales Conversion Another 3%..."


When you told me my copy was pretty good I was a bit confused.  I thought I could do better.  Then when you showed me how to apply your website mind hacks and I was like...huhhh? But, on my next promotion you boosted my sales conversion by another 3% bringing me up to a total of 7% on a $997 product! To think I was willing to pay you up to $25,000 for the job.

Thanks for being an honest human being and going the extra mile for me!

You ROCK and your copy rocks too man...

Huey Lee
CEO and Founder
"Millionaire Success Secrets Revealed!"


"...Close To 100% Conversion Rate!"
   I hired Rasheed to write copy for an ad I was running expecting him to be able to achieve a 12% click through rate. To my astonishment, I not only got a click through rate higher than what I expected, but close to 100% conversion rate. Rasheed's copywriting expertise is nothing short of magical!

Bill White, "The Synchronicity Expert"
The Biggest Deal, Inc.

"He Produces Copy Which Is Robust and Proven..."

Rasheed Ali has had a pretty dramatic impact on my web business. He produces copy which is robust and proven.

I have learned many invaluable lessons as a client of his and always know who to turn to when I need ideas, inspiration or just some good old fashioned common sense.

Rasheed has a deep understanding of what works, why it works and how to make it work. Thanks to him I now run a 'proper' business and not just a website.

Thanks Rasheed more power to you!

Mike Herberts


"Incredible 67% Opt In Rate..."

Rasheed you're the man!

I followed your advice... made a few quick changes to my landing page... sent out an ad... got 238 visitors to my NEW landing page AND...


Wow...An incredible 67% Opt In Rate!  I couldn't believe it, 167 new money-in-fist subscribers from one ad mailing to a very small list...And even more since then. Previously I'd only been getting one or two opt-ins from my ads!

Your copy just has to be the BEST THING since sliced bread...can't wait to see more.

Stuart Elliott
"Kung Fu" Copywriter

...and that's just a few of the stories I have. 

Fact is, most people prefer to keep their direct response copywriter a big secret.  After all, why bother to let your competition know who helps you close sales -- especially at the kind of sales conversion percentages that my clients get?

It would be foolish right?  Right...but not completely true.  You see, my clients are confident enough to know that their competition is either not savvy enough to know the difference or they can't afford to pay my fees.

Listen, anyone who knows me, knows that I don't come cheap, but you'll be glad to know that my fees won't rip you a new hole in your pocket either.

Need A Quick Boost In Sales?

You can use the A.C.E.S. Method I outlined above and see an instant surge in your sales -- or if you need to do more than just a quick fix -- you can simply inquire about using my services on the links you'll find further below.

Come to think of it, I'd like to make something abundantly clear to you. 

You response copywriting, especially sales letters and ads, is not for the faint-hearted.  You must be prepared for the results.  Most people who think they are ready...are not!

For example here's what happed to a Mind Doctor who experienced my copy first-hand...

A few months ago a website development team who I had worked with in the past, launched a hefty a pay per click campaign for their client.  The client was a doctor who had done clinical research and patented an amazing device that was proven to help people cure certain illnesses by manipulating their brainwaves.

Now after overhauling the website, launching a proper pay per click campaign and tracking the sales and traffic statistics, the website was performing at a loss.  They were making one sale per month of a $399 device!  That's horrible!

So one afternoon, I got an IM online and then a follow-up phone call from the web guys.  The guys asked me if I could help them with some copy for the home page to increase stickiness and get more sales.

"SURE", I said.  "Let me whip something up really quick and let's see what happens"

So I proceed to write a headline (using the A.C.E.S. Method) a subhead and I inserted a few focused blurbs in the body copy -- which was obviously written by the doctor and not by a regular Joe for regular people (that's a copywriting secret by the way).  I edited the feature bullets just slightly and I made a few key cosmetic changes.

We're talking an hours worth of work.  The web guys updated the home page with my changes and left everything the same.  The site was getting 100% of it's traffic from pay per click and as it turns out it was from some of those second and third tier type of pay per click search engines, not Google Adwords or Yahoo Marketing. 

The results...?  Well, after the first week the website sold 1 unit per day which was $2,793 in the first week.  The next week 10 units - $3,990!  Not surprisingly units kept selling, without any additional changes, but here's the rub...

The doctor was the only customer service there was and she was not prepared for the responses she received.  You see, when you sell anything online, people, including your competition, will send you negative emails complaining about your sales pitch or something you said on your website, just to intimidate you. 

If you've sold anything online, then you know what I'm talking about.  People tend to grow "brass balls" when they write an email and become "pussy cats" when you speak to them over the phone...I know...because I've wasted my time and picked up the phone and called a few of the "brass-balled" ones just to see!

Guess what?  A few B.S. emails from people who didn't buy a thing, worked on her and she frantically reverted back to the old website.  Back to ZERO sales, back to zero feedback!  Heaven forbid, you get feedback from your visitors, when you couldn't get a word or a dime from them before! 

The only thing I could say was, "W-T-F man...err...lady?!"

How can you go from $0 to 5 figures or more per month and then purposely go back to $0? 

Simple...She was not prepared for the increased sales and definitely not the responsibilities of running a business and customer service.  She was not prepared for the massive response my copy would bring her. 

She soon sold the rights to her device and shut down her website.

So the moral of the story here is...Prepare yourself and your business for major sales growth when you apply direct response copy to your advertising!

Now, instead of devising some clever sales pitch for you to request a sales letter quote from me, or pay me for my services, here's what you can do...

You can either...

Click Here To Request A Sales Letter Quote

Or you can...

Click Here To See Some Writing Samples

The choice is really yours.  You can either use direct response copy in your sales material and website to dominate your competition and reign supreme or you can do what everyone else is doing...

Jumping up and down with their hands in the air, yelling, "Look at me, Look at ME!"  If that's the case then you might as well quit now.  Pack it up, shut down your business, dissolve your corporation and move somewhere safe from direct response copywriters like me

...Because the truth is, your competition is only one sales letter or ad away from blowing you right out of the water!  That's the truth my friend.  Anyone who has been in business for some time has surely experienced one side of this or another.

Don't worry though...There is a brighter side in all of this. 

You see, making the decision to change your approach and send your sales skyrocketing is easy!

But just to reassure you that direct response copywriting can in fact make a difference in your normal business.  I think this example serves a great purpose.

Whether you sell products online, through catalogs, ads, Ebay, tele-seminars or in a brick and mortar or images have become the mainstay in your advertising and marketing...Right?

We're taught the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words" -- and it's mostly true.  You can in fact, know a lot by seeing a picture.  But, what is an ad without words?  My opinion...NOTHING!

You've probably seen thousands of picture ads, I see them all the time.  Walk through Times Square in New York City and you're sure to see quite a few of them.  Yeah, can make a statement with your ad but honestly, if sales are what you're after...Do you think an artistic and tasteful picture that has your brand name and makes a "statement" will bring in the cash?

I think not!  Words my friend, words can transcend mere images and tap into that which makes us human.  Our unconscious minds.  Remember, 95% of all cognition is at the subconscious or unconscious level. 

FACT:  People rationalize buying decisions based on facts, BUT people make buying decisions based on feelings.

Words are the the keys to unlocking the subconscious minds of your target market...So just how powerful are words anyway?  Simply posting a picture of your product and listing some features should be enough to swing your prospects decision in your favor right?

Let's See What 'Little Peanut' Has To Say...


No Words Picture With Words 1 Picture With Words 2





Please help this endangered Baby Asian Elephant.

You can help save these beautiful elephants with your donation.

Take action today.



Please help Little Peanut because he may be the last of his kind!

His parents were ruthlessly murdered by poachers and he might be next.

It's sad but...Did you know Asian Elephants are an endangered species and if we don't help them, they will be lost forever?

The good news is...Your donation, no matter how small, can help us save this beautiful animal and others like him.

Help save Little Peanut, help save the Asian Elephants -- Take Action Today!

If you were to look at that picture alone, what would you see?  If you're like most people, including me, you would see a gorgeous baby elephant frolicking in the bushes.

But add words to it and the feelings you have, immediately begin to change.  Your thoughts shift and you are now conscious of another possibility as you are drawn deeper and deeper into an emotional state -- forcing you to impulsively take action and donate your money.

As the Borg say on Star Trek..."Resistance is futile!"

You can try, but you will almost certainly fail to resist it.  Your subconscious mind has already made the choice for you.  THAT is what happens to your visitors and prospects when you add the power of emotional direct response copywriting to your advertising and promotions.

Or you can...

Click Here To See Some Writing Samples

The choice is yours my friend!


To Your Ultimate Success,

Rasheed Ali
Direct Response Copywriter
Business Acceleration Coach

P.S. - You're only one page away from a massive surge of sales.  So click here now!

P.P.S. - There's no obligation, your quote is free. service comes with a 90 day follow-up and copy edit guarantee!  Once your project is complete, track your results and I'll work with your copy for the next 90 days to ensure you get the best results possible!

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